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  1. WTB: looking to buy Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit

    Parts Wanted
    Looking to buy a Kraftwerks kit c30 or c38. I would prefer it be new but would take used depending though.
  2. supercharged k series A/C and Power steering

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Hi I have a EF Civic and I want to make it a supercharged k series, is it possible to have a S/C k20 or S/C k24 with A/C and/or power steering. I want to do this project but I still want my car to be livable.
  3. FS: *Cheap* Rotrex C38-61

    Parts for sale
    *SOLD* Rotrex C38-61 Price lowered to stupid cheap now, need this gone asap Cleaning out garage due to overseas move. Have had this sitting in a box for a while. Rotrex C38-61 + Kraftwerks adapter plates. Max 7500 road miles on an EP3 Type-R which I sold. Priced to sell, includes shipping...
  4. FS: K20a2 upgraded parts LOTS of parts

    Parts for sale
    So iam moving and cannot bring my CRX that i put i K20a2 in so i am parting it out. Txt for faster responses 254 four15-zero265 or PM me i rarely get on anymore. All prices do not include pay 3% fee or shipping cost, and all are obo Hondata KRPO PRB ECU upgrade- sold Used Hybird Racing Fuel...
  5. Skunk 2 Turbo cams

    Parts for sale
    Bought these Skunk 2 Turbo cams PN:305-05-0265 a while ago for my turbo build but decided on going N/A for now. Bought used from a guy who had just installed them in a build but parted before he ever got it completed. List for 650. Looking to get $450obo or trade for after-market k20a2 N/A cams...
  6. supercharging 101. need a lesson please!

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Okay so I'm looking at buying a Jackson Racing supercharger for my ek k20z3 swap running kpro. A kit i'm looking at is the ep3 one with tensioner and 3"pully. I did my research but I'm still unclear in a few areas, maybe you guys can help me. 1)what do I need to install the charger properly...
  7. Review: My impression of Kraftwerks C38-61 Supercharger Kit *Time Attack Honda Civic

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    I thought i put up a small review of my impression of Kraftwerks Supercharger kits for our K-swap cars. I approached Oscar Jr, roughly 2 months ago outlining my goals for my car to be one of Australia's Time Attack Honda and i needed more power to achieve this goal. After a our conversation...
  8. **** Spaz's BIG Garage Sale ****

    Parts for sale
    All parts are from an 05 Type-S or an 06 TSX and universal stuff is well universal.... ALL PARTS ARE OBO JUST WANT A CLEAN GARAGE Start with RSX/TSX parts *05 tails mint *4x k20 Ignition Coils $150 *RSX exhaust Manifold RSX Catalytic Converter <------- (Exhaust I'd like local...
  9. Sportcar Motion EG Gets KraftWerks Power!

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    The Sportcar Motion Time Attack EG is getting Rotrexed! The already dominant Time Attack FF class EG is getting cranked up a notch by making the leap to using a KraftWerks K-Race Supercharger kit on its K24 race engine. In preparation for the 2009 Redline Time Attack series, as well as the...
  10. KraftWerks announces K-Series Race Kit

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    KraftWerks Performance Group, LLC. Releases Honda K-Series Race Rotrex-based Supercharger Kit Norco, CA — KraftWerks Performance Group, LLC., announces the release of their Honda K-Series Race supercharger kit. The K-Series Race kit is designed for the hardcore K-Engine builder, tuner, racer...