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  1. 96 EK hatch - Spoon certified - 96 CX 7K - OH

    Cars for Sale
    Located in Cincinnati, OH 96 Honda Civic CX - $7,000.00 sold as is This car was Spoon certified in 2011. The banner was signed by the president of Spoon motorsports personally so this car is super rare. I brought it back from New York in 2012 and started rewiring it as a backup race car and...
  2. brakes problem

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    Good day! My current brakes set up is type r hydrovac, spoon monoblock with 300mm rotors and, dixcel es brakes pads up front. ebc pads at the back. steel braided hose, wilwood brake bias controller. I feel my brakes are still weak. it feels like a small improvement from the stock 16cl brakes...
  3. FS: Hondata IM, Garrett Intercooler, Spoon cap & drain plugs

    Parts for sale
    Thanks for looking!
  4. EK Spoon Cluster...

    Parts Wanted
    Wanting to buy (for a close friend) an EK Spoon Cluster (under US$2K please) Send PM or an email; [email protected] Thanks in advance... :up:
  5. Blazed | WESTSPEC | 2014

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Welcome to my never ending build/progress thread; I say never ending because it seems whenever I think I'm close to the finish line, I always find something else I want or this or that, and like that it is now close to 6 years I own her. I bought this 1996 Honda Civic DX Coupe in december of...
  6. EK and K series parts FS + wheels

    Parts for sale
    ok been on ht and nwp for a long time some people may know me from there. If vouches are needed I can give you a bunch. Having said that here are my parts for sale K series swap axles. 32mm driveshaft shop 2.9 like new condition no visible wear only selling because I need 36mm axles now. these...