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  1. ECU and Tuning
    Hello Members, I have a K24A in my 2003 Honda Accord. I'm using a KTuner R1 PCB inside the 5AT ECU (37820-RAD-A54). The transmission being used is an 04-08 CL9 ASU5 (6 Speed TSX). The speedometer on the vehicle is reading a 21% difference. At 80mph, I'm really doing 65mph. I've seen the...
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm building an ariel atom, and its almost time to get all my wiring and electrical done, I was wondering if there are any speedometers out there that would work for this motor for a reasonable cost as I'd prefer not to get the cluster as it doesn't really work for the car. Thanks guys!
1-2 of 2 Results