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  1. Thank You

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hey everyone, As we're reaching the end of our term agreement with Vertical Scope, I just wanted to take this moment to thank each and every one of you for supporting us on your forum. Being able to participate here in the K20 community has meant a lot to me; an experience that I will never...
  2. Plug Spotlight : BE1H10

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Honda K20A Pulstar Spark Plug : BE1H10 Honda K Engines *BE1H has a heat range of 1. We do offer a '2' alternative *Pulstar Spark Plugs are not pre-gapped for your vehicle. For Vehicle manufacturer’s gap recommendation or any specific plug inquiries, please see our website or give us a...
  3. Installation DIY Guide - Pulstar Spark Plugs

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Pulstar® Installation Instructions NOTICE: Pulstar® Spark Plugs are not pre-gapped for your vehicle. 1. GAP CAUTION: Do not apply pressure to the center electrode. Do not drop. Use vehicle manufacturer’s gap recommendation; not to exceed 0.055” (1.4 mm). For factory turbocharged or...
  4. === Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS!!! ===

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that we're currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed directly through us! Also, don't forget to check out our current list of distributors here :) Interested? Click here to place an order! Thanks, - [email protected]
  5. Where to Buy Pulstar Spark Plugs

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hey everyone, We've been receiving a lot of questions as to where you can purchase our plugs! As our company continues to expand and grow larger, we're proud to announce that SEVERAL distributors are now carrying our Pulstar Spark Plugs! Pulstar Spark Plugs are also conveniently available...
  6. How Pulstar Plugs Work

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hey everyone, There's been a lot of questions regarding how our plugs work, so I decided to create this thread to hopefully serve to answer any questions or concerns you might have. It's pretty long, so if you just want a quick summary - I recommend watching the video! :new_slayer: Section I -...
  7. Pulstar Spark Plugs vs. Competitors

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hey everyone, I created this thread to showcase our plugs and to provide a visual demonstration of exactly what happens when you run Pulstar Spark Plugs in your Honda K Engine. Simply put, we use innovative plasma-assisted combustion technology to increase horsepower and torque. Pulstar...
  8. The Grassroots Motorsports $2015 Challenge

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hey everyone, The Grassroots Motorsports $2015 Challenge has concluded and I just thought I'd share some pictures of the event with you! Enjoy. :D ______________________________________________ The Nelson family finally won the Challenge after 11 years of competition. This is a really great...
  9. ///--- Pulstar Giveaway!!! ---\\\

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hey everyone, We are extremely proud to be an official sponsor of The Grassroots Motorsports $2015 Challenge this year! The $2015 Challenge celebrates its 15th anniversary by returning to Auto Plus Raceway in Gainesville, Florida, October 23-24, 2015. This event showcases some very spectacular...
  10. **NEW** Pulstar Website Announcement!

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hey everyone, We just launched our new website, please take a moment to go visit it and let me know what you guys think! I hope you all enjoy it; we made several improvements over the last one based on what we've been hearing from everyone. With that said, we would really like to hear your...
  11. Introduction from Pulstar Spark Plugs!

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hello everyone, My name is Mitch and I’d like to re-introduce Pulstar Spark Plugs to your forum. I understand that we’re not a new face around here, but due to a recent company revision I’ll be taking over as the new forum representative on your message boards. As a current site sponsor, I...
  12. Which spark plugs ????

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Ok guys, sorry for the extra posts... but just trying to get things in order. I think i need to put some fresh plugs in my car. Simply because i did not do it when i did my swap, so they are probaly still stock with who knows how many miles on them. I really dont know much about plugs. I did a...