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skunk2 intake manifold

  1. Poor Skunk2 Quality can ruin your engine

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Bought a new Skunk2 Inlet manifold for my K-engine (no fake!). Sadly Skunk2 had no quality-check before delivery, so the inlet manifold was leaking at the flange to the thermostat housing -> missing cooling liquid -> steam bubbles in the blocke -> head gasket failure etc. Skunk2 cancelled my...
  2. RRC or Skunk2 Pro Series IM?

    Engine Building
    Hey k20A users. i just wanted to know all your opinons on the two. which is worth the bang for the buck. and overall which is best when it comes to numbers. Thanks sorry i'm still new to the whole tuning thing :silly:
  3. Skunk2 vs RRC intake Manifold

    General K-series related talk
    Hi, I want to upgrade my RBC intake manifold. Porting is pricey and I rather just get a better intake manifold and sell my RBC. The options that I seen that are better then the RBC is the Skunk2 and RRC. I seen dyno where the RRC outperforms but on the other side Skunk2 just posted up dyno...
  4. RBC vs. RRC vs. Skunk2

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    So, we with all the talk over the release of Skunk2's intake manifold along with our ported RRC intake manifold lying around, we decided to test them against the proven almighty RBC. The engine we're testing on is a k24/k20 frank. 12.5:1 stock bore, rcrew header, 3" exhaust, 70mm TB, IPS K2...
  5. first kseries skunk2 IM dyno test

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    so the release of this manifold has been highly anticipated and the wait has been full of questions and assumptions. one came in to the shop that has built my car and my friends and we decided to throw it on my motor and do a proper base comparison. so first my setup. 92civic cx internally...
  6. Skunk2 K-series Manifold Test Fit

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Last night, I got my paws on one of them shiny new Skunk2 K-series intake manifolds :p (well...borrowed). My ex-AEM cohort Robert Green ([email protected]) brought it by to document the install+ fitment. I think it's safe to claim that this is the first commercial install (outside of Skunk's...
  7. Phase 4 K manifold testing pics

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Definitely looks better with the GE blue fuel rail. I had it fiberglassed, and hardened so it could be tested on a car boosting 15 PSI and not explode. Maybe next week it sees the boost. Jeff
  8. Skunk2 Composite Intake Manifold

    General K-series related talk
    anybody knows how much will it cost? skunk2 ain't answering
  9. Skunk2 intake manifold &throttle body

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Any of you guys know when skunk2 will realease intake manifold and throttle body for k20?:confused: