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skunk2 cams

  1. Cylinder Head, Rocker Arm Issues

    Engine Building
    I finished up building my engine. Forged internals on the block and Supertech valves, springs and retainers with Skunk2 stage 2 cams on K20a2 head. Quickly noticed that after exactly 1700 rpm it starts making a horrible noise coming from the head, something like a rattle. I can't be neither...
  2. Another Skunk2 chain slap thread

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    so some of you may remember my thread last week about not being able to get the motor to time, well finally we got it timed but now on to my next problem :facepalm: from what it sounds like my go power dual valve springs are binding on each other.. like the two springs rub on each other as i...
  3. Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams

    Parts for sale
    Selling my new in a box Skunk2 Stage 2 cams, I was gonna put them on my car but ended up selling the car before I could put them on. Been sitting in the garage never touched the motor asking for $550 they fit 02-06 Rsx,02-05 Civic Si,03-06 Honda Accord,Element,Crv.
  4. Skunk2 cams Rattling Valve train noise!!! Vid inside!!! HALPPP ME

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    K20a2 with recently installed Super tech valve springs/retainers and some skunk2 stage 2 cams. I have some great luck as my motor dropped a valve on the dyno a couple weeks ago during tuning after a cam/valve spring install. After the head was sent out for a rebuild it was tuned again and...
  5. Aftermarket Camshafts reliability

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi, I just installed skunk2 stage 1 camshafts. The install went smooth and everything is to spec. I been driving it for a few days with no problem. Three days ago I started to hear this knocking noise. It was coming from the timing chain area. It only happens at low rpm, 3500 and below. I had...
  6. Drag Cartel Stage 4 cams compared to stock and skunk2 stage 3 cams

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    First off wanted to say thank you to Jeremy for excellent customer service and a great product. I messed up my cam install and Jeremy was always ready to help me out with all my problems. My setup is a simple one: k24/k20 frankenstein 12.5 c/r wiseco ibspec rods h beams k20 head with supertech...
  7. skunks cams

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    i have a k24/k20 with 12.5 comp wondering if the skunks stage 3s are good for this built would they make power with that compression
  8. Skunk2 cams potential problems / failed tensioner

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    First of all, I really didn't want to make a thread about this but a friend reminded me that my priority should be the community.. and not the heat I might take by making such a thread.... and he is right. Sure I am not too crazy about skunk2 products, but I would have done the same thing for...
  9. Skunk2 stg2 cams, pro valve sprins, retainers installed w/ problem

    Engine Building
    Got a problem after Skunk2 stg2 cams, ex cam gear, pro valve springs, ti retainers inatalled. Definitely I need tuning but I just don't get it. Problem is when driving after 4 miles at higher RPM, car hesitates. sounds like it's gonna die out and at the same time check engine light turns on...
  10. Made in Taiwan vs Made in the USA

    The Coffee shop
    This issue keep coming up, and I wanted to share some pics I found them on ghettoracer's album about a camshaft factory in Asia.. I assume it is Taiwan. Am I the only one that thinks that this looks...
  11. Will never buy a set of Skunk 2's again..or anything from Skunk 2

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I installed a pair of Skunk 2 stage 2 cams into my all motor K20a with a pair of TWM 52mm ITB's thinking I would make great power with these. I was disappointed in the numbers and I couldnt figure out why. I made 232whp. I recently pulled the cams from the motor and found some small pits in...