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shark fin

  1. FS: COMPLETE ITR Front End | EK Shark Fins | 99-00 CTR HLs

    Parts for sale
    Ok guys, I have a complete fron end conversion OEM DC2; 2 fenders (w/side markers) 2 headlights (98 Spec) 1 grill 1 hood 1 bumprt (w/lip) 1 rad/bumper support All of this for just $900.00 (or better offer) I have pics of everything, all I need is UR email addy so I can send them UR way in any...
  2. RARE JDM Honda Access Civic HB Glass Spoilers - CHEAP!

    Parts for sale
    Alright, found another set of glass spoilers (SHARK FIN) for EK hatchs, great shape... Price: US$205 OBO... PS: These things brand new go for waaayyy more then that, and to get your hands in one of these is a whole diff. story...