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  1. Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    EDIT: 09/28/2011 Big changes here guys and I don't even know why I am putting it down... Well here goes. Suspension 2.0 AMR Engineering Coilovers 550fr/650rr (Received on September 15th 2011) King Motorsports Rear Camber Kit (Bought Used for $75.00...What!) 'Special' Front Camber Kit (Coming...
  2. Engine Building
    I did some digging on the 5 pulley setup for K24's, since I had no desire to keep air conditioning in my car any longer. I found out that the ideal length was around 52". After doing some more research, I found out the part number and corresponding vehicle for a 6 spline version of the belt...
1-2 of 2 Results