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  1. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Here we go for investigatio guys, ima try to list most info i can relate so bare with me Looking for insights on a destruction that happened on my k20/24 Drove my k20/24 swapped car yesterday, did some pulls, had fun no issue at all. On my way back home i was crusing 5th around 2400rpm then...
  2. Parts for sale
  3. Parts Wanted
    Like the title says I want ek9 recaro rails, not itr dc2 rails. If you have them let me know and give me a price. Thanks:)
  4. Parts for sale
    F/S 01-05 EP3 INTERIOR rear trim/seats/seatbelts Recently gutted-out my EP3 hatch because I never used the back seat for anything. Didn't want anything extra weighing me down. The seats are in very good shape, no drinks or liquids have spilled on them. The trim is in good shape, nothing major...
  5. Acura RSX / TSX / Honda Civic EP3 / 2006 Civic Si
    Been saving up for a racing seat on my 2002 rsx type s. My stock seats are starting to rip apart along the seams. I really like the idea of a fixed back seat and especially the Corbeau Forza. I will also be installing a c-pillar bar and a 5-point cam lock harnesses system. However, this car...
  6. Parts for sale
    I have a set of civic si seats up for sale. They came out of my 08 FG, and are in mint condition. I want 300 for them.
  7. Parts for sale
    Price: US$310 + shipping...
  8. Parts for sale
    hey have a couple of things forsale id love to trade for s2000 parts or general turbo parts such as i need an aem ems for an s2000, injectors, wastegates, turbo (no baby dicks) intercooler or whatever you know what i mean. i have a brand new condition skunk2 intake manifold that will fit any...
1-9 of 10 Results