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    Located in Cincinnati, OH 96 Honda Civic CX - $7,000.00 sold as is This car was Spoon certified in 2011. The banner was signed by the president of Spoon motorsports personally so this car is super rare. I brought it back from New York in 2012 and started rewiring it as a backup race car and...
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    Facts: -Customer pays $529 -Customer provides a core wire harness which he purchased for $200 -Vendor receives $529 -Vendor receives wire harness -Customer provides name, address, telephone number and email address -Vendor receives Customer name, address, telephone number and email address...
  4. ECU and Tuning
    Car: 1998 Civic Dx Engine: K20A2 with JDM harness (purchased from Rywire) Swap harness: Rywire I purchased a Rywire K-swap conversion harness last year. I finally got around to trying to fire the car last week. When I flip the key to the 'on' position, there is a buzzing coming from the main...