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  1. General K-series related talk
    Hey, so me and my friend did a whole K20z1 powertrain swap from a 06 RSX Type S into a EP3. I have both the original k20z1 engine harness and ecu. Is the only thing that I'll have to do is reprogram the key to make it run? I want to make sure the ecu will communicate with all of the other...
  2. General K-series related talk
    I have a 2002 RSX type s (k20a2). I recently bent a valve so I replaced the valves and everything else that got damaged. After getting the motor put back together the shop I brought it to said everything checked out and I could come get it.. I pick it up and drive it about an hour or so back to...
  3. ECU and Tuning
    Hey guys, looking at potentially swapping a K20Z1 into my base RSX (K20A3 = :( Just needed some clarification in terms of wiring and getting VSS to read correctly. I’ve seen in other threads how it’s only really one option on either side and that is low frequency or high frequency (obviously...
  4. General K-series related talk
    Hey guys I’m stumped, picked up a 02 rsxs had a small oil leak and wasn’t really hitting vtec, the oil was leaking somewhere behind the left side of the motor, I also had a cel for camshaft position sensor circuit A, I replaced the camshaft sensor and replaced the whole vtec cylinoid, it feels...
  5. Introduction Forum
    Hi, Does the TSX and RSX use the same lower control arm bushings?
  6. All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    Hey y'all, planning on getting my frank parts and I'm wondering how difficult fitting an RSX harness to a CRV is going to be? Like is there any specific things I need to know, like if i'm gonna have to fab some wires, etc.
  7. RSX Builds
    Hello everyone. I have a k20z3 swap and a 03 rsx type s shell. Wondering what more I would need to make this swap possible or if it can even be done? I have the full swap. Looking for all and any help to make this happen thanks 🙏🏼
  8. 2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    Hi, my brother recently bought a 2002 RSX Premium, manual 5speed with some pretty sweet mods (body kit and type s bumper & headlights, new civic type r shifter and boot, exhaust, wired for subs and type s leather interior) He bought it as a winter beater and it has 330,000km on it (original...
  9. K-Series Transmission
    I recently purchased a used Pnn3 transmission with an oem lsd and took it all apart and put all the internals into my case and replace all the Synchro‘s. I recently got it back into the car and everything works fine but I let off the throttle and coast I hear this whining sound like I’m in...
  10. General K-series related talk
    Hello, I have a white 2002 rsx base. Cutting to the chase I am looking at either a k20z1,k20a2, and a k24a2 for my build. Not sure what one is better for track use holding around 600hp with a 6spd transmission. But I need to know which of the three have stronger internals, as well as pros and...
  11. K-Series Transmission
    My car had no problems at all, my tranny however, started to act up. My car won’t go into gear but will if the car is off. I’ve asked Techs at the place I work at and they’re telling me it’s my Throw out bearing. I also checked my master clutch cylinder and has no leaks. Has anyone had this...
  12. RSX Builds
    Recently I’ve bought a K24z3 that came out of a 2008 Honda Accord. I’m wondering if it’s worth building the z3 block or would a K24a2 be a better option. Im doing a k20/k24 frank and replacing the head with a K20z1 I’ve heard that the accord has fitment issues when it being put into a RSX, has...
  13. Parts for sale
    for sale K-tuned billet side arm asking $55 shipped and payapled
  14. Parts for sale
    *for sale is the hybirdracing kswap 3inch silicone intake ( in decent condition) asking $90 shipped-----SOLD * Competition Clutch ultra Lightweight flywheel (only used for 4500 miles) asking $150 ------------SOLD *ktuned billet TPS sensor ( in good working condition) asking $43 shipped SOLD...
  15. Parts for sale
    Competition Clutch ultra light weight flywheel For sale is a used COMP. CLUTCH ultra light weight flywheel(8lbs). Only 5k miles on the flywheel asking plus shipping and paypal fees if interested pm me my paypal is [email protected]
  16. Parts for sale
    I HAVE A NEW IN BOX EM2 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER FOR SALE my paypal is [email protected] asking $ 90 shipped
  17. 1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Anybody use the EM2 Clutch Master Cylinder in an Integra? I bought one the other day from Honda and installed it and the clutch pedal sat like 1/2 inch from the floor??? The cmc rod seems like it's way too short, even after i adjusted the rod to like few threads were left, it still was like 1...
  18. K-Series Transmission
    HI, Im wondering if anybody used a set of Gear X close ratio 1st and 2nd gear set? if so how did you like it, and any faster at the track with them? I'm trying to buy a set but dont know if its gonna be worth it The trans i have is a type s with mfactory LSD w/ 4.3fd and all oem gearing, I...
  19. Parts Wanted
    Want to buy K-series transmission close ratio 1st and 2nd gear set with main shaft. Must be excellent condition with no damage. pm me with prices and pics, thanks
  20. Parts Wanted
    hi guys, looking for a 4.7 final drive for a k-series transmission with the corresponding counter shaft. must be in excellent condition. please send pics and prices shipped to 15223. thanks
1-20 of 113 Results