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  1. WTB: 02-04 RSX-S Engine & Charge Harnesses

    Parts Wanted
    Hola! I'm new on here, but need some stuff for my K24A4 swap into my MR2. As the title states I need that specific year/model charge & engine harnesses as I recently picked up an 02-04 RSX-S PRB ECU with KPro V4 and I'd like to keep the harness modification to a minimum. Thanks in advance...
  2. Need help, please! K-Pro wiring question

    Wiring and Electronics
    I have a k-pro and a wiring harness for a 02-04 rsx-s but I can only plug in two connectors into the k-pro.... I found some pictures showing the third connector that I don't seem to have: Another: Here's what I have on my harness: It seems I'm missing something that goes from that long thin...
  3. RSX-S/Civic-Si Gears 2-5 swap into TSX

    K-Series Transmission
    Hello all, I need some help in figuring out the correct parts I need to order for my shop to install the RSX-S/Civic-Si gears 2, 3, 4, and 5 into my 06 TSX. Here's the parts I could find no problem: 23450-PNS-000 GEAR, MAINSHAFT FOURTH 23580-PNS-010 GEAR, MAINSHAFT FIFTH 23471-PNS-000...
  4. **************2002 Acura RSX-Type S **************

    Parts for sale
    I'm parting out my RSX due to an accident I got into, the car was wrecked in the front BUT the engine is still in great condition, the only parts that are damaged are the 2 headlights, hood and right fender, the 2 front airbags came out,everything else is still on the car and in great...