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rsx base

  1. General K-series related talk
    I’m looking at this great condition RSX in my area. It’s just a base model but super great shape, intake, headers, exhaust, lowered, lots of recent maintenance. I know the k20a3 is not as good as the a2 but I’m just wondering if it’s still worth it. I’ve looked at doing an a2 head swap because I...
  2. Introduction Forum
    Im barely getting into modding and im new to the honda community so please no assholes but my car i just gotten a Rsx Base and want to do a k24 swap which one would give me performance/reliability im hearing different and what would items i would need to get for the swap
  3. Parts for sale
    My base RSX got totaled so I'm parting out whatever I can. Mostly on CRSX with the same name if you need rep. Selling some RSX rotors for 60 OBO + shipping/paypal fees. Need to be resurfaced and will include pads that have some life left + some rotor screws. Fluids not included since they're...
  4. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    heres the deal, i have a stock 2004 k24a4 (accord swap) in my EG since i have to run the cr-v ecu i get a code for the IMRC (intake manifold runner control valve) the accord swap does not have this valve. would it be worth installing a cr-v or rsx base intake manifold to turn my check engine...