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  1. Parts Wanted
    Looking to see if anyone in the USA has one for sale before I decide to pay to have one shipped from Japan. Thank you!
  2. Parts Wanted
    hi im after a k20z3 oil pan asap so I can use my rrc oil pump must be willing to ship to Brisbane qld Australia 4061 pm me yours offers :coleman:
  3. Parts for sale
    New Price - RRC Intake Mani, Cover, Bolts, CL7 Intake Tube| TSX HyTech Cat + Catback I originally purchased the full system from IntegraGSR23 earlier this year. Selling because I cannot get the maximum gain out of it because I do not have sufficient supporting mods (cams and valve train...
  4. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Here you'll find consolidated links to all of dyno testing I've personally have setup for the K-series world being the nice guy that I am :) Anything I dyno test will be added and/or linked to this first post from now on, newest to oldest. A lil Katman personal K history... I've been EG...
  5. Engine Building
    Hey k20A users. i just wanted to know all your opinons on the two. which is worth the bang for the buck. and overall which is best when it comes to numbers. Thanks sorry i'm still new to the whole tuning thing :silly:
  6. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    my set up 04 tsx stock long block un touched k20a2 oil pump moded by hytech ips kme smsp header smsp 3inch ex with cat and res karcepts ivac block off plate karcepts rbc adp karcepts intake id 1000cc injectors stock itr t/b and thats about it the rrc was stock brand new out of...
  7. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    So, we with all the talk over the release of Skunk2's intake manifold along with our ported RRC intake manifold lying around, we decided to test them against the proven almighty RBC. The engine we're testing on is a k24/k20 frank. 12.5:1 stock bore, rcrew header, 3" exhaust, 70mm TB, IPS K2...
  8. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Last night, I got my paws on one of them shiny new Skunk2 K-series intake manifolds :p (well...borrowed). My ex-AEM cohort Robert Green ([email protected]) brought it by to document the install+ fitment. I think it's safe to claim that this is the first commercial install (outside of Skunk's...
  9. General K-series related talk
    Ok guys thank to greg from gtmotoring aka speedwerx we have the latest in K series news. This is the new 2007 Civic Type R motor.. rated at 225HP .. comes with better flowing head and 5.1 Final Drive from Honda. From honda press release Engine > • A higher compression ratio and...
  10. General K-series related talk
    I remember seeing a thread on someone blocking it off but I can't seem to find it. I'm getting ITBs soon for my k24a2 head and I was just wondering how people block the coolant port off? Trying to do it with the motor still in the car so simplicity would be the best!
1-11 of 12 Results