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  1. FS: *Cheap* Rotrex C38-61

    Parts for sale
    *SOLD* Rotrex C38-61 Price lowered to stupid cheap now, need this gone asap Cleaning out garage due to overseas move. Have had this sitting in a box for a while. Rotrex C38-61 + Kraftwerks adapter plates. Max 7500 road miles on an EP3 Type-R which I sold. Priced to sell, includes shipping...
  2. Manual Tensioner for Rotrex

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Thought i share this manual tensioner set-up we made for the Time Attack DC2R. Thanks to jaydee with the idea and base design, we were able to fit a similar set-up in our K-swap DC2R. Jaydee has logged slipage during high RPM shifts so with the added manual tensioner, it will keep the belt...
  3. Rotrex C38-91 Power Expectations

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    What are people thoughts on the power gain from a C38-61 to a C38-91?
  4. My C38-61 Rotrex EG Build

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    I've been contemplating on doing a Rotrex SC setup for quite some time and decided to go with it a few months back. I did a lot of research and compressor calculations to figure out what setup to go with and what would work for my goals. Previous build threads Swap Progress Thread Build Thread...
  5. Jaydee's All Out Rotrex, TVS and Compound Forced Induction K Motors

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    In this thread I will try to show what I have done with the rotrex superchargers on the K motors. I have being playing with the Rotrex on a stock K20Z1 for 4 or 5 years, and bought a Dynapack in December last year to do the development properly. Long term I am building 89 x 90.7mm, 88 x 99mm...
  6. rotrex stock block tuned today

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    completely bone stock k20a2 8k rpm @9psi woot!
  7. Sportcar Motion EG Gets KraftWerks Power!

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    The Sportcar Motion Time Attack EG is getting Rotrexed! The already dominant Time Attack FF class EG is getting cranked up a notch by making the leap to using a KraftWerks K-Race Supercharger kit on its K24 race engine. In preparation for the 2009 Redline Time Attack series, as well as the...
  8. K20A+Rotrex C-30

    Engine Building
    Hi there, Im a old member here, this is my first post on this awesome engine forum. There's overwhealming ammount of information here, and i might need some help composing a K20A with Rotrex C30 Build. I want to know if a Supercharged K20A (JDM Storck internals) with a Rotrex C30 is durable...
  9. KraftWerks announces K-Series Race Kit

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    KraftWerks Performance Group, LLC. Releases Honda K-Series Race Rotrex-based Supercharger Kit Norco, CA — KraftWerks Performance Group, LLC., announces the release of their Honda K-Series Race supercharger kit. The K-Series Race kit is designed for the hardcore K-Engine builder, tuner, racer...