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  1. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I have been searching this forum and the web. I cannot find a definitive answer to this. Either I suck at searching or the info isn't there. Could I use 09 TSX rods in my 04 TSX block with the 04 crank and pistons?
  2. Parts for sale
    Hello, Up for sale are a set of pistons and con-rods with bolts that I pulled from a CRV Engine with about 110,000 miles on it. The pistons are in very good condition. There is no discoloration from heat damage and they are coming from an engine that seems to have been well maintained. The...
  3. Parts for sale
    k24 CP Pistons Brand New!! I'm selling my 88mm cp pistons ,SC70459, . Asking $450 w/ shipping on the cp pistons. If you can find a cheaper price for them online somewhere I will knock another $20 off!!! So let me know what you guys can do!! Want these gone. Rods Sold.
  4. Parts for sale
    follow the rules make a new thread. Thanks
  5. Parts for sale
    NIB set of Pauter X-beam k24 connecting rods. Never used. $800 obo
  6. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Opinions anyone? What are some good bang for your buck options as far as connecting rods go? Planning a simple Frank Build. 09 TSX pistons, mild cams and head work. But I still wanna rev to a decent amount, a tad more then I feel comfortable with using tsx rods. Had blueprint Racings rods in...
  7. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I'm looking at buying a set of blueprints rods and was curious if anyone has had any problems or failures with these connecting rods.
  8. Parts for sale
    Hey guys, Have too many parts...must sell. So...i have an almost complete k20a2 swap...only thing missing is the transmission. It is taken apart...because i never used this one. For the whole swap including all the sensors and everything i am looking for 1595 shipped. All it is missing is...
  9. Parts Wanted
    The ones I wanted to buy were sold. Need them ASAP. Hit me up if you've got 'em.
  10. Parts for sale
    BP stage 3 cams, Pistons and Rods need gone ASAP!! Origionally i had planned on going with a fully built all motor setup but things have changed and now i'm looking to go with a rotrex supercharger so i no longer need my all motor parts... NEED GONE ASAP DA PARTS IS STILL AT BLUEPRINT AS WE...
  11. Parts for sale
    Selling these parts to help fund my K-Frank build. The cams came out of a k20 head that overheated and was warped but the lobes on the cams are fine.(can take more pictures if needed) The pistons came out of an 05 accord that i'm using for my build. Everything is obo so pm me offers. Added...
  12. Parts Wanted
    like title states, im looking for a clean tsx pistons (rods if the price is right). let me know what you guys have and the price shipped to 93291. if you could include pics, that would be great.
1-13 of 13 Results