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  1. Motors / Swaps for sale
    Im selling my k24a4 block with Airas pistons, RS Machine rods with ARP rod bolts, micro polished crank balanced for the block, and ARP head studs. Selling it with the water pump, alternator, and starter, and no oil pan. $1000.00 shipped. (plus paypal fees) text at 623-340-8558
  2. Engine Building
    What Make/Model of connecting rods do you prefer, and why? Please include the details/facts behind your opinion so we can take more away from it. PS - I chose Crower because I have always had good experiences with their Cust. Care and the product seems to be of good quality for the price point...
  3. Engine Building
    I need torque specs for k24a2 main cap bolts and ib-spec k24 H-beam rods..... Your help will be greatly apreciated
1-3 of 3 Results