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  1. MCP titanium cyclinder head 36.5 mm 400whp / twin disc clutch

    Parts for sale
    hey k20a .. I have an mcp 400+ whp cyclinder head titanium I made with a simple 99 mm 87.5 14:2:1 350 on ftw red on m5 would have made 365 + . I had a 36 mm non titanium cyclinder head before on a 103 mm stoker made 402 on one dyno and 393 on another on m5 these cyclinder heads the best in the...
  2. WTB K20s2 rockers and cams, K24A2 will work also.

    Parts Wanted
    Im looking for a full set of rockers and cams for my k20a2 head. LMK
  3. rocker parts

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    i need 2 springs that are in the rocker assembly. they engage the pins inside the rockers. anybody know where i can find these. i looked on hondas site and i had no luck on any kind of part number. thanks in advance.