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  1. Question about those darn vtec rocker pins

    General K-series related talk
    So when i was taking my head apart to do my rebuild on my 03 rsx type s, i got u big suprise. There was confetti on the inside! Yay! But after a litte research i learned that they were rocker pins for the vtec. And now theyre are all over the place. Luckily i found them all. Ive done more...
  2. WTB: Rocker Assembly for K20A3

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking to buy a complete rocker assembly for a k20a3. I need them to be in good shape since I'm going to use them to replace mine. Camshafts would also be nice to have with it (my intake cam is damaged) but not required. PM me or post on here with offers and details, and we can go from...
  3. Building A K20Z2 Engine Using K20A/A2 Head

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi guys I am currently having a K20Z2 which is similar to the K20A3 engine, which has no VTEC on exhaust. I am currently thinking of 2 things, either upgrade the camshaft alone to Brian Crower K20A3/K24 Stage 2 or upgrade the whole head to K20A/A2 which consists of camshaft, valve springs...
  4. WTB: incomplete type-s rocker assembly

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for anyone that has an incomplete rocker assembly to complete a few i have laying around here. Primarily searching for pins & springs. Thanks