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  1. Christiansolgsr’s parts for sale thread! OBO on EVERYTHING! R-Crew, Recaro, DC5

    Parts for sale
    PRICES ARE OBO ON EVERYTHING!!! Here are the parts I have for sale, I used the pictures that I took for Craigslist; this is the reason I don't have my user name in them. I can get anyone more pictures if needed. I am willing to ship most items, buyer MUST pay for shipping. Feel free to make...
  2. Wtb dc5 blue recaro seats

    Parts Wanted
    Let me know if u have a pair forsale and the price for shipping to canada
  3. WTB: ek9 recaro rails

    Parts Wanted
    Like the title says I want ek9 recaro rails, not itr dc2 rails. If you have them let me know and give me a price. Thanks:)
  4. Christiansolgsr's Recaro Seats & Momo Indy Wood Grain Wheel

    Parts for sale
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