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  1. k20 intake mani, throttle body, oil pan, crx, sensors

    Parts Wanted
    Hey whats up, Been saving up for awhile and have been on the hunt for a few parts... my goal is to have a NA build with only high quality bolts on an a tune. basically, i want to do everything i can without opening the head, just bolt ons. at the moment, the only mods i have done is...
  2. RDX Crankshaft...usable?

    General K-series related talk
    So I know that Edo hosted a thread covering some info on the RDX crankshaft a little bit ago, and many people have tried to bring it back from the dead because it was of such interest. From the other thread: "The RDX uses a forged-steel crankshaft with a long 99mm stroke. To reduce friction...
  3. 2007 RDX High Flow Injectors for your K20a / k24 / k20a2

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Ok, thanks to awesome people I have the following information RDX injectors are flowing around 410cc and seem to have the best atomization from any other OEM injector. PART number is: 16450-RWC-A01 Retail is 47.42 and most online dealers will sell them for 37.94 each. From my understanding...