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rdx injectors

  1. 05 types n brand new RDX injectors 4SALE

    Parts for sale
    types injectors for 60ship brand new rdx injectors 150ship obo
  2. FS: 05-06 Kpro With O2, RDX Injectors with Clips, Blueprint stage 2 w/everything!!!!!

    Parts for sale
    Alright I am selling my 05-06 KPro been in my car since August of 08 Money is tight and i need to earn some cash. Will ship where ever in USA/Canada 05-06 RSX Kpro w/ adapter harness & O2 sensor decided to not sell my ECU Brand new Blueprint STAGE 2 CAMS SOLD Brand new Blueprint Valve...
  3. 2007 RDX High Flow Injectors for your K20a / k24 / k20a2

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Ok, thanks to awesome people I have the following information RDX injectors are flowing around 410cc and seem to have the best atomization from any other OEM injector. PART number is: 16450-RWC-A01 Retail is 47.42 and most online dealers will sell them for 37.94 each. From my understanding...