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rbb tsx manifold

  1. extracting max power out of a Dc5R engine (k20a)

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    i have tried looking but the search function doesn't want to cooperate for some reason. i have a k20a R in a dc2 and i was looking into maybe getting a little more power out of it. currently its on a kpro basemap, with a dc swap header, stock intake manifold, and a filter on the stock plastic...
  2. TSX Injector Base / Manifold on CRV K24A1 head

    General K-series related talk
    Firstly, I have no clue if this IS a first for K-swaps but I do know that it's completely a pain to do. However this is what's going down. TSX Injector Base/Intake Manifold on K24A1 CRV Block. Sounds simple, doesnt it? I wish it was that easy... *sigh* WHY!? is the question I keep getting...