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  1. Used K20A2 Transmission with Quaife LSD and Custom Ratio's
    Used K20A2 Transmission with Quaife LSD and Custom Ratio's Pulled from a parted out Integra Project Car, This transmission is in good ready to use condition. With no grinds, pop outs, or any other abnormalities experienced while installed in the previous car. Great Gearing for your Turbo or...
  2. Built k24, treated 5speed w quaife, full Race turbo kit 400+

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    So I plan on selling my Rsx to my little cousin soon as his first car and he definetley doesnt need this power level for his first ride, so I'm going back to almost a stock setup. The swap is still in my Rsx, I will make a vid of compression tests, idling and driving before it's pulled. So this...
  3. FS: RLZ Built K24 Block, Quaife LSD, Bosch Fuel Pump, F1 Spec Seats, Misc. K-parts

    Parts for sale
    I will ship after payment is received. I will ship USPS Priority Mail for smaller items and FedEx ground for larger items. I will also include a tracking number or delivery confirmation number. Shipped price are for shipping to the 48 States. I accept money orders, Paypal, and also pickup in...
  4. ***Quaife LSD's - In STOCK - Free Shipping***

    The Quaife Differential powers both drive wheels under nearly all conditions, instead of just one. With an ordinary open differential, standard on most cars, a lot of precious power is wasted during wheelspin under acceleration. This happens because the open differential shifts power to the...