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  1. **06 K24a2 Pistons/Rods/Cams/Oil Pump OEM**

    Parts for sale
    Im doing a K24a2 swap, and im building the motor so I dont need these items. Parts--- Miles: 89,xxx Condition: Great From: K24a2 2006 Acura TSX Pistons/Rods 225shipped PENDING Cams without camgears SOLD Oil Pump 80shipped Engine Harness 150shipped Any other questions...
  2. Crankcase Vacuum Pump?

    Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    I was talking with a mechanic who used to run drag cars, and he said that he used a small vacuum pump off the crankcase to put a partial vacuum into the oil system, providing more thorough lubrication of the engine. He also said the oil cannot be suspended in a vacuum (floating in mid air), so...
  3. Power steering compatibility

    General K-series related talk
    Are the power steering pumps interchangeable i.e. can a k24 pump be used on a k20 or k20 pump on k24? I referenced the part numbers and they are different, but that doesn't mean they aren't interchangeable.
  4. FS: Walbro255 lph Fuel Pump

    Parts for sale
    tried using it in my wife's car but didn't work out... was used only enough to start the car a few times... bought it for 100 shipped... so that's what i'm looking for... 100 shipped +paypal 3.5% fee... will post up pics on request... UPDATED PRICE... 85 SHIPPED... +paypal fees...