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  1. Prayoonto Intake manifold setup, Wilson TB, Speedfactory, Vibrant, Velocity stack

    Parts for sale
    FS: Prayoonto intake manifold with Wilson 90mm throttlebody, Speedfactory throttle cable adapter, BBK mustang tps sensor modified to use a Honda 02 sensor connector, vibrant 4" piping and couplers, BPI velocity stack, k&n filter, tucked brake booster line -6an, custom throttle cable bracket...
  2. Best cams for ported head turbo, 800+hp range

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Whats up guys, i current am in the middle of rebuilding my motor for next year. I am currious as to what you guys think is the best cam to support my motor. currently have ipskt1 cams , was looking into maybe kt2's or some prayoonto stg 2's or stg 3's ? Previous setup: K20a2 , car made...