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  1. General K-series related talk
    Im currently doing a k20/k24 build. Ive looked online for some flathead pistons but couldnt find exactly what im looking for. Does anybody know where i can find some pistons like that? Or pistons from another make of car that will fit?
  2. Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    2618, 4032, and 390.0 (OEM) Aluminum Alloy Piston Primer: **Please Note** Although these conclusions are based on extensive research, communication with industry professionals, and advisement from an expert in metallurgy, I am not a piston designer or engineer, and thus everything below should...
  3. Parts for sale
    Hello, Up for sale are a set of pistons and con-rods with bolts that I pulled from a CRV Engine with about 110,000 miles on it. The pistons are in very good condition. There is no discoloration from heat damage and they are coming from an engine that seems to have been well maintained. The...
  4. Parts for sale
    k24 CP Pistons Brand New!! I'm selling my 88mm cp pistons ,SC70459, . Asking $450 w/ shipping on the cp pistons. If you can find a cheaper price for them online somewhere I will knock another $20 off!!! So let me know what you guys can do!! Want these gone. Rods Sold.
  5. Parts for sale
    pistons sold/traded away. Baffle kits still available * K-series bolt-in oil pan baffle kit * Kit consists of a Jun bolt-in main baffle (same one Blueprint Racing use to offer) w/mounting hardware. Mounts on top of windage tray. Also includes a TracTuff timing chain baffle plate. Excellent...
  6. Parts for sale
    Im doing a K24a2 swap, and im building the motor so I dont need these items. Parts--- Miles: 89,xxx Condition: Great From: K24a2 2006 Acura TSX Pistons/Rods 225shipped PENDING Cams without camgears SOLD Oil Pump 80shipped Engine Harness 150shipped Any other questions...
  7. Parts for sale
    Item: nippon crv k24 pistons and piston rings Price: 125 obo Location: south florida Contact: 7869995584 Item Description: brand new set of crv k24 pistons and pistons rings. call between 11am and 10pm, text any time.
  8. Motors / Swaps for sale
    Im selling my k24a4 block with Airas pistons, RS Machine rods with ARP rod bolts, micro polished crank balanced for the block, and ARP head studs. Selling it with the water pump, alternator, and starter, and no oil pan. $1000.00 shipped. (plus paypal fees) text at 623-340-8558
  9. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I just complied a list of all the off the shelf pistons (87mm-88mm) sold by JE, CP, and Wiseco for my build. Then I thought that it might be good information to post. I know they could go to the actual websites, but this is a little easier side-by-side comparison. Keep in mind these pistons are...
  10. Parts Wanted
    The ones I wanted to buy were sold. Need them ASAP. Hit me up if you've got 'em.
  11. Parts for sale
    hey k20a, i have a new std bore '05 tsx pistons w/ rings..everything is brand new and is complete..i just open it to see if everything is all good..PISTONS SOLD!!!!-04epsi rods are now for sale.its an a1(crv) rods with unknown mileage.. make offer..
  12. Parts for sale
    BP stage 3 cams, Pistons and Rods need gone ASAP!! Origionally i had planned on going with a fully built all motor setup but things have changed and now i'm looking to go with a rotrex supercharger so i no longer need my all motor parts... NEED GONE ASAP DA PARTS IS STILL AT BLUEPRINT AS WE...
  13. Parts for sale
    Selling these parts to help fund my K-Frank build. The cams came out of a k20 head that overheated and was warped but the lobes on the cams are fine.(can take more pictures if needed) The pistons came out of an 05 accord that i'm using for my build. Everything is obo so pm me offers. Added...
  14. Parts Wanted
    like title states, im looking for a clean tsx pistons (rods if the price is right). let me know what you guys have and the price shipped to 93291. if you could include pics, that would be great.
  15. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Project Phoenix burning - yep, time to rebuild again. A few weeks ago, my engine started making some noises. It sounded like rod knock so I ordered myself some new rod bearings and put them in. Sound persisted, but engine's compression was good, there was nothing in the oil when I replaced...
1-16 of 16 Results