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  1. built k20a2 for cheap

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    All right it's all up for sale, I don't want to part out . I want to sell it all together, I'm not in a big rush to sell so plz no low ballers .This is a good setup its new zero miles, so SHOOT ME SOME OFFERS. I'll be posting up some pics as soon as I can, so bare with me. Let me know if you got...
  2. k20z1/k24a4 parts CHEAP!!!!

    Parts for sale
    all parts are best offer k20z crank 200 mint no damage at all k20z slave 70 k20z piston/rods 150 k20z oil squirters 30 k24 crank pulley 40 k24 oil pump 75 k20z water pump 75 k20z oil pan 80 k20 timing cover/chain/tensioner/bolts 150 k20 halfshaft 80 SOLD SOLD to civicdrivr88 k20 coil pack 100...