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  1. General K-series related talk
    hey guys what is the best oil to run in a k20 race car? if you had no budget which oil would you run? I recently purchased motul 8100 x clean EFE 5W30, I just hit 200,000 and I want my motor to run smoother.
  2. General K-series related talk
    I have an ep3 facelift. The oil was topped up but slightly over filled and after driving i got a p0420 code. I cleared the code and at around 7.5k revs there’s a tapping noise from the engine. Does anyone know what this could be? And what to do about it thanks
  3. Parts for sale
    I have a complete k24a2 longblock for sale along with some goodies to go a long with it. I am located in Oklahoma City and I am willing to ship the smaller parts. I also make frequent trips down to Dallas. All parts are new, never opened, or are in mint condition. The prices are FIRM and the...
  4. DevSport
    We have a few K-swap Radiators and Radiator Hoses in stock and will be stocking these regularly. We also carry many Mishimoto products in stock and at great prices. $300 Shipped --- Click for more information and to purchase. K-Swap Hoses $75 Shipped --- Click for more information and to...
  5. General K-series related talk
    I am having a problem where it seems no oil is getting to my intake cam, which caused it to run dry and score the cam/guide pretty bad. Now I'll get into details. Earlier this year in January my tensioner failed and I ended up having to remove the head and replace some valves. At that time...
  6. Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    I was talking with a mechanic who used to run drag cars, and he said that he used a small vacuum pump off the crankcase to put a partial vacuum into the oil system, providing more thorough lubrication of the engine. He also said the oil cannot be suspended in a vacuum (floating in mid air), so...
  7. Parts for sale
    all parts are best offer k20z crank 200 mint no damage at all k20z slave 70 k20z piston/rods 150 k20z oil squirters 30 k24 crank pulley 40 k24 oil pump 75 k20z water pump 75 k20z oil pan 80 k20 timing cover/chain/tensioner/bolts 150 k20 halfshaft 80 SOLD SOLD to civicdrivr88 k20 coil pack 100...
  8. General K-series related talk
    Hi, since I restored my Integra now I need to put back all the fluid in it. So basically I have to make some choice and would need your opinion. I got a K20a R with Type R 5 lug Dc2 brake, kept the Powersteering and the radiator will be a full aluminium one. I was thinking to start with...
1-8 of 8 Results