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  1. bad news

    General K-series related talk
    So I have my motor all ripped apart and have different baggies with nuts and bolts with labels...Well long story short one of those baggies is awol and it contained my intake manifold bolts...I was trying to be all organized and still managed to mess up... So where can I get some intake...
  2. 2618, 4032, and 390.0 (OEM) Aluminum Alloy Piston Primer:

    Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    2618, 4032, and 390.0 (OEM) Aluminum Alloy Piston Primer: **Please Note** Although these conclusions are based on extensive research, communication with industry professionals, and advisement from an expert in metallurgy, I am not a piston designer or engineer, and thus everything below should...
  3. FS - RED 2006 S2000 w/59k miles - 17,800 OBO

    Cars for Sale
    :hi: It's been a while since I've been on this forum!! Just posting this to see if a fellow honda enthusiast would be interested! Car is in mint condition and drives like a champ. I have the title in hand. Very motivated to sell. First reasonable offer takes it. Car has a clean car fax...
  4. Wtb oem lsd

    Parts Wanted
    Let me know if you have it. Thanks.
  5. Honda OEM Wing (Any1!?)

    The Coffee shop
    So, locally there is a guy that bought a 92-95 coupe, car had an OEM Honda wing that he took off cause he didnt like how it looked like on it, so he is trying to find out what is this thing from... Just wondering... Sorry to the ones that have FB blocked, cause you are not going to be able...
  6. OEM K20A2 parts / 92 DA c-c

    Parts for sale
    Located in Tacoma Please email me at cms _ integra @ yahoo. 02 RSX-S/ K20A2 OEM parts removed from swap at 66k miles 36mm axles SOLD Auto belt tensioner $40 + shipping Down pipe & cat (NO O2 sensors included) SOLD Header and heat shield $80 + shipping Power steering pump SOLD PRB...
  7. Moving Sale: Stock OEM 06 RSX Type-S Parts, Aftermarket, & Tubro- Lots Of Pics

    Parts for sale
    Hello K20a Members, Finished College & I'm Moving Soon.... EVERYTHING MUST GO! Please So make me some offers guys :thumbsup: Parts have all been cleaned to the best of my ability and ready for shipment. "PLEASE" No Low Ball'n & (...Read the descriptions carefully!) ***There are alot of pics...
  8. WTB: 06+ TSX cams

    Parts Wanted
    Want to purchase 06+ tsx cams Intake and Exhaust call or text 4168327524
  9. WTB: 06+ TSX cams

    Parts Wanted
    Want to purchase 06+ tsx cams Intake and Exhaust
  10. 92-95 Civic Coupe/Sedan Taillight Set

    Parts for sale
    Up for auction on ebay I have a set of taillights from a 95 honda civic. Check them out and bid if your interested! Available for pickup in MI too: :rolleyes: Uploaded with Uploaded with...
  11. WTB: OEM 03-05 Civic Si Muffler/resisonator

    Parts Wanted
    hi. looking for OEM civic si muffler. also interested in resionator. shipped to longmont, co 80503 thank you for your time. j.
  12. WTB: OEM 02-05 SI Springs (struts)

    Parts Wanted
    hi. i'm looking for some OEM springs for a 02-05 civic si. shipped to longmont, CO 80503. thanks for your time. jason [email protected]
  13. IPS recommended OEM valvetrain

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I am getting ready to order this setup and just want to make sure I've got everything covered. 16 - valve seals - 12210-PZ1-004 & 12211-PZ1-004 (8 of each) 16- yellow outer spring - 14761-PCX-003 16 - red inner spring - 14752-PRB-A01 32- valve cotter - 14781-PRB-A02 I've already got the...
  14. RARE JDM Honda Access Civic HB Glass Spoilers - CHEAP!

    Parts for sale
    Alright, found another set of glass spoilers (SHARK FIN) for EK hatchs, great shape... Price: US$205 OBO... PS: These things brand new go for waaayyy more then that, and to get your hands in one of these is a whole diff. story...
  15. 92-95 Civic-BNIB-OEM Blowout + Random winter cleaning parts SALE!

    Parts for sale
    Hey guys, ive compiled a bit of parts for my EG that i was building for a while, and unfortunately just ended up giving the car away and moving on with life for the time being. I still have a couple things left over and hopefully you guys can help me get them off to a good home and off my...
  16. RSX and Civic parts

    Parts for sale
    I HAVE AC LINES FROM Civic EP3 and RSX. All brand new never used. 80315-S6M-003, RSX DISCHARGE HOSE $80 80325-S5T-A01, Civic AIR CONDITIONER PIPE ASSY $75 I have a brand new never used 2001-2005 Civic Hybrid Folding mirror, this is from the Civic Hybrid but will work with all Sedans. In...
  17. FS: 87mm oem pistons

    Parts for sale
    hey k20a, i have a new std bore '05 tsx pistons w/ rings..everything is brand new and is complete..i just open it to see if everything is all good..PISTONS SOLD!!!!-04epsi rods are now for sale.its an a1(crv) rods with unknown mileage.. make offer..
  18. Which spark plugs ????

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Ok guys, sorry for the extra posts... but just trying to get things in order. I think i need to put some fresh plugs in my car. Simply because i did not do it when i did my swap, so they are probaly still stock with who knows how many miles on them. I really dont know much about plugs. I did a...
  19. IPS cams????????????

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi evryone ,,,I wanna know a lil more about the IPS cams i heard that they are one ove the best and i just want a lil advise from u guys ,i wanna go all motor on my rsx and im planing on geting a K-Pro ecu in may be a month and than i want to step up with some cams and i was wondering what cams...
  20. OEM combo versus Eibach versus Toda for IPS K2 cams

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I know both were tested and work fine with IPS K2 cams. I also know the OEMs and the Todas can goto 8,500 safely and the Eibach can do around 9,000. Now lies my question I've heard Eibachs aren't as long-lasting and I'd probably take them to 8,600 max because I lack anything in the bottom end...