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  1. RBB + OBX IM adaptor + K20A2 TB = no fit?

    General K-series related talk
    Okay, I have: K24A2 head (TSX, not RSX) RSX-S throttlebody RBB intake manifold OBX IM adaptor They don't fit together! The adaptor fits the IM just fine, though I realize the RBB has to be modified, no problem. However, the throttlebody doesn't really fit anything. Flipping it this way and...
  2. More info on the obx lsd problems

    K-Series Transmission
    Some of you might know Mr. Bone aka Transzex . He is pretty much the established d/b-series tranny guru. People often send trannies to him for repair, rebuild, upgrade, etc. Anyways, here is a vid he put together of a recent problem with an OBX lsd install. Notice the runout gauge wobbling...