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  1. Cars for Sale
    Very unique mr2. Acura k20a2 engine in new condition 220 pounds of compression on each cylinder. No rust, never been winterized or damaged. No t-top so no problem with water infiltration. Front supra brakes, big radiator. To much to list all. Also momo race steering wheel. Unique color montego...
  2. All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    Hey everyone, good news I started the K Swap on my MR2, seriously appreciate all the advice I got on my first post! For now, I'm going with a RBB K24A2 with a RSX Type S transmission (ran with a kpro). This leads to my question, the SW20 MR2 is a cable driven car, so I can't use the drive by...
  3. ECU and Tuning
    I purchased a 2003 manual type-S RSX with the intent of swapping the powertrain into a 1986 AW11 MR2. In prep for this I bought a MegaSquirt3 Pro Ultimate ECU kit only to realize after some further investigation that the K20 cam phasing might be a challenge not easily solved with the MS3...
  4. All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    The Beginning Hi everyone, I've been lucky enough to find the perfect project car, nestled into a barn in deep Shropshire (rural UK): A Toyota AW11 1988 MR2. Unfortunately it needed a lot of restoration, but with a determined mind, helpful family, and a healthy bank balance, I pulled it back...
  5. All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    Hi everyone, new to the site & new to Honda's in general. Got a KSwap in the works for my 93 MR2 Turbo and I could use some guidance as this is the first Honda motor I have ever dove into. I picked up a K24A4 (or at least, it *looks* like one, I was told it was from an 03-07 JDM Accord) and I...
  6. Introduction Forum
    Hola! Been on here reading for quite some time and now I am taking on a K24 swap in my MR2. I have soooo many questions (although I spend my days reading...a lot) this community seems very knowledgeable. Hope to share my build in the coming months. Cheers :)
1-6 of 6 Results