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  1. WTB ekk1 mounts or ekk2

    Parts Wanted
    hi im after ekk1 or ekk2 mounts new or used willing to pay upto 400 usd depending on condition sent to Brisbane qld Australia 4061 offers :coleman:
  2. Mounts for EP3/DC5...

    Parts for sale
    They are basically under 500 miles used just a lil dirty from sitting around but that could be cleaned or re polished they are race bushings. Price US$220 shipped Its my cousin selling this, he is parting out his EP3 and these need to go! Dont know if the price is good or bad, pretty much...
  3. wtb ek motor mounts with hangers and all..

    Parts Wanted
    i want to buy ek motor mounts with all hangers and hardware can be used pm me with price and brand must be willing to do transaction thru ebay.
  4. Wtb. Ek motor mounts

    Parts Wanted
    Wtb ek motor mounts I had hybrid mm already installed just looking for another or different mounts that will bolt directly in the drilled holes please message me if you have any you want to sell
  5. Innovative Eg mounts (trade for ekk2)

    Parts for sale
  6. Help Me... Avid Racing?!

    The Coffee shop
    Hey Guys, I've got a problem and I've tried to do the right thing but I just cannot get a hold of Avid to have the issue resolved. The whole situation is a nightmare. I've made countless calls for parts that I needed that broke from my setup only to be told they've shipped for almost a three...
  7. specially coated EGK Hasport mount kit

    Parts for sale
    These are some of the first mounts Hasport made for the swaps. They were in 2 cars and never failed me with 300+ whp These have been put through a bonding process for the finish they have. Its the same proicess they use for the inside of huge chemical tanks and highly corrosive things. It...
  8. F/S ekk1 mounts and ek manual rack

    Parts for sale
    I swapped to ekk2( so much time and money) so up forsale is my stock stuff. Mounts are in good shape but could use a polish. I have the stock manual rack if someone needs one. Shoot me an offer I'm just looking to get rid of this stuff it's laying around. Please email me [email protected] my...
  9. Avid engine mounts problem!!!

    General K-series related talk
    can i get some help. i have a ek civic with avid k20 mounts and my trans mount keeps pull apart from the frame. doese anyone else have this problem.:mad:
  10. Avid motor mount

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    can i get some help. i have a ek civic with avid k20 mounts and my trans mount keeps pull apart from the frame. doese anyone else have this problem.:mad:
  11. Hybrid-Racing Mounts and Drive Shafts

    Parts for sale
    Howdy everyone, I've for sale a set of Hybrid-Racing mounts for EG/DC application; new, unused and never installed, includes all related hardware. Paypal or Money Order is acceptable for payment. I'll take $600.00 plus shipping for the mounts alone. Price is $630.00 plus shipping for the...
  12. Hybrid racing mounts / hybrid racing conversion harness

    Parts for sale
    This is what I have for 92 - 95 civic hatchback / coupe - 1994 - 2001 Integra Hybrid racing mounts - make offer - I charge at cost shipping box weight about 13.5lbs - coming out of 95835 sacramento Hybrid racing conversion harness - $300 shipped to anywhere in the USA Shipping should...