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  1. K-series trans Gear X 1st and 2nd

    K-Series Transmission
    HI, Im wondering if anybody used a set of Gear X close ratio 1st and 2nd gear set? if so how did you like it, and any faster at the track with them? I'm trying to buy a set but dont know if its gonna be worth it The trans i have is a type s with mfactory LSD w/ 4.3fd and all oem gearing, I...
  2. 2012 Civic SI, K24, 6 Speed Transmission

    Parts for sale
    2012 Civic SI, K24, 6 Speed Transmission Willing to let go for $1500.00 OBO. It has a built in LSD, never seen a track, has never been abuse, has less then 50 miles. Incredible steal!
  3. Used K20A2 Transmission with Quaife LSD and Custom Ratio's
    Used K20A2 Transmission with Quaife LSD and Custom Ratio's Pulled from a parted out Integra Project Car, This transmission is in good ready to use condition. With no grinds, pop outs, or any other abnormalities experienced while installed in the previous car. Great Gearing for your Turbo or...
  4. F/S K20Z1 Tranny w/ LSD

    Parts for sale
    Up for sale I have here a K20Z1 6sp Transmission with LSD (Type-R) Purchased but never used in my DC5. It's literally been sitting for quite some time now but I need it gone ASAP. I bought it with 15k miles and a rebuilt 4th gear and all working sensors. Price will be $1,200 OBO Shipped in...
  5. OEM LSD Question

    General K-series related talk
    Hey guys I am wanting to know if it is possible to use the 06-10 civic si LSD in a 05-06 rsx base 5spd trans. I have done some checking on the topic and I can't get a solid answer. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!
  6. JDM LSD vs stock differential - How to recognize it

    K-Series Transmission
    Keeping it in my hand, how can I recognize a JDM LSD from a stock open one? Does it have particular marks or PN on it? Are there any differences in casing or whatever? Obviously an aftermarket one will have its brand stamped on it, but is there a reliable way to tell if the differential is a...
  7. Transmission help!!!

    K-Series Transmission
    So I am in the midst of replacing my diff and I was pulling my shift mechanism out and away from the trans housing and went to go set the mechanism unit on my work bench and as I did so, a "pin" dropped out onto the bench. I am confused to where it would have came from because I stood there...
  8. FS: RLZ Built K24 Block, Quaife LSD, Bosch Fuel Pump, F1 Spec Seats, Misc. K-parts

    Parts for sale
    I will ship after payment is received. I will ship USPS Priority Mail for smaller items and FedEx ground for larger items. I will also include a tracking number or delivery confirmation number. Shipped price are for shipping to the 48 States. I accept money orders, Paypal, and also pickup in...
  9. WTB. Twin Disc, 70mmTB, LSD, Help my quest to 10's for 2010

    Parts Wanted
    Like it says Twin Disc. K series, can be used as long as it works good. 70mm TB. K series, can be used as well. LSD. K series, again used is fine as long as working order My money is rite. Cash in hand.
  10. For Sale: 2001 Integra GS-R Longblock | Transmission

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    All sold! :D
  11. my eh3 K24 "ground up" build

    1992-2000 Civic / CRX / Integra / Del Sol
    well im new to this forum so i thought id start a build thread/intro, been in the honda scene since around 2000 (clubsi back then) and been on honda-tech since 2002 (earldasquirrel, formerly coptzer on there) well ive had this car for a month or so now and thought i would make a build thread...
  12. WTB CIVIC SI lsd trans k20z3

    Parts Wanted
    WTB a si lsd trans, pref. with low miles and no grinds.
  13. More info on the obx lsd problems

    K-Series Transmission
    Some of you might know Mr. Bone aka Transzex . He is pretty much the established d/b-series tranny guru. People often send trannies to him for repair, rebuild, upgrade, etc. Anyways, here is a vid he put together of a recent problem with an OBX lsd install. Notice the runout gauge wobbling...