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  1. Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Hi All, I'm building a S2 Lotus Elise with a Honda K20a conversion. The block is currently being built, new bearings and pistons but all standard OEM (very slight over bore so the block can be honed). The car is being built for track work at circuits like Castle Combe and Thruxton (I'm in the...
  2. Engine Building
    Hi there, Im a old member here, this is my first post on this awesome engine forum. There's overwhealming ammount of information here, and i might need some help composing a K20A with Rotrex C30 Build. I want to know if a Supercharged K20A (JDM Storck internals) with a Rotrex C30 is durable...
  3. The Coffee shop
    Has anyone here ever heard of this car? I only read about it in The Car Bulletin. Says there that each car is similar with each other of the same model, but no two Caterham Sevens are the same. Is this true? Anyone had seen this car before?