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  1. General K-series related talk
    I have a code for my map sensor and my o2 sensor. Replaced both with good expensive new ones and the codes persist. WBo2 reading is in the correct range on ktuner, map reading is also correct and accurate. Car starts but dies seconds after. Also have an acuity tps that operates perfectly (some...
  2. General K-series related talk
    I guess I bought a k20a non type r from jdm Midwest in Ohio, I have a rsx with ktuner. My question is, since my k20a is non type r should I use the k20a3 basemap? Isn't the ktuner k20a i/h/e A type r basemap? The crank sensor that came with my motor only works with the k20a basemap but I can...
  3. Wiring and Electronics
    (sho2s ecu a23 sg2) This is the wire that i am missing on my c101 plug. What does this do, where does it go, and what does it mean? The car also doesn't start and im hoping this is the reason.
  4. Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    Can anyone inform me on how to transfer a ktuner datalog to virtual dyno? I renamed the datalog to .csv but when I tried transfering it is said I was missing tps rpm date and time ? What am I missing?
  5. Wiring and Electronics
    How do i re pin the c101 to work with ktuner? 2004 M/T Honda Element harness 2005 Honda Accord ecu Hasport Ktuner Conversion Harness Ktuner Eg chassis
  6. ECU and Tuning
    Hello Members, I have a K24A in my 2003 Honda Accord. I'm using a KTuner R1 PCB inside the 5AT ECU (37820-RAD-A54). The transmission being used is an 04-08 CL9 ASU5 (6 Speed TSX). The speedometer on the vehicle is reading a 21% difference. At 80mph, I'm really doing 65mph. I've seen the...
  7. Parts for sale
    Bought this a few years back, car has been sitting in the garage more than it has been driven. Selling a bunch of parts so that I am not moving them again not to mention across country. Unlocked $500 In like new condition
  8. ECU and Tuning
    Hello Members, I've been messing around with the KTuner trying to get back into the tuning stuff. I have a K24A in my 2003 Accord. I'm curious if I should disable my EVAP for this engine/swap? I have the EGR disabled, since that was on the K24A4 but not on this one (K24A). Here is what I have...
  9. ECU and Tuning
    Hello Members! Looking through the tuner database post, I could not find e-tuners for KTuner for a couple of reasons: Turbogixxer - their site has a page that does not render at all for their tuning info. Very little info as well - this page is dead I also found...
  10. 1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    The only thing i have right now is the long block (k24a8) with A4 TB. If i go with a 5 speed accord trans, which engine harness and ecu will i need? If i go with an ep3 trans, which harness and ecu will i need? PLEASE HELP I've been researching for months on my kswap now and keep going back and...
  11. ECU and Tuning
    Hello Members! I've swapped my (or in the middle of swapping) 2003 Honda Accord with a K24A (JDM). I am looking to use KTuner so I picked up an automatic transmission ECU from a 2005 Accord even though my car is manual since the automatic ECU with KTuner will work just fine with a manual...
1-11 of 11 Results