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  1. Honda civic 1999 EK1 Kswap (coding keys issues)

    ECU and Tuning
    Hey everyone,i hope this is not a stupid question. I brought another genuine Honda key with transmitter, Try to use Honda scan tool to code the keys to the ignition barrel (did't work). There is power from the OBD 2 but does't connect to Honda scan tool or Snap-On scan tool .Only can find one...
  2. K20 Part-Out, K-Tuned, Rywire, Exedy, etc.

    Parts for sale
    K-Swap Part Out, K-Tuned, Rywire, Exedy, etc. Need everything gone before September! Prices are dirt cheap and priced to move, as such, prices are firm. Parts are located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Prices are listed in USD as this is predominantly an American board! Everything is available...
  3. K24 MR2 Swap

    All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    Hi everyone, new to the site & new to Honda's in general. Got a KSwap in the works for my 93 MR2 Turbo and I could use some guidance as this is the first Honda motor I have ever dove into. I picked up a K24A4 (or at least, it *looks* like one, I was told it was from an 03-07 JDM Accord) and I...
  4. WTB kswap drive shafts/kpro ecu

    Parts Wanted
    Hi im after some kswap drive shafts for my ek with ekk2 mounts allso after a kpro ecu that will run my k24a3 same as tsx engine if you have a engine harness ecu and conversion harness ill take the lot Must be willing to ship to brisbane qld australia 4061 ill cover shipping and paypal fee cheers
  5. 97 EX K20A2 Coupe

    Cars for Sale
    1997 Honda Civic Coupe EX K20A2 swap with 5-Speed Manual Transmission Fresh Paint/Audi Phantom Black Dyno Tuned w Hondata/K-Pro 210HP to the wheels No AC or PS K-Tuned Race Shifter K-Tuned Race Shifter Cables K-Tuned Adjustable Pulley Kit Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail and Fuel Line Kit K-Tuned Race...
  6. K-TUNED billet side arm

    Parts for sale
    for sale K-tuned billet side arm asking $55 shipped and payapled
  7. Innovative K-Swap motor mounts

    Parts for sale
    K-swap parts For sale, 92-95 eg civic, 94-01 dc integra kswap engine mounts. They are in good condition, comes with 85a bushings. asking $245 shipped ----SOLD (used in good condition) K-tuned shifter mounting kit. The stuff on the back of the plate was heat tape that i took off. It will...
  8. unknown k series gearbox help!!!!!

    K-Series Transmission
    Hi so I'm in need of some help as I got a Honda k series 6 speed gearbox for my k swap in a dc2 be here is were it gets confusing, I was told the box is from a 06 Honda accord euro so I jumped on it since hasport now has got a mount kit to use a accord or tsx/euro gearbox the egk3 but here is...
  9. K-series Parts for Sale

    Parts for sale
    *for sale is the hybirdracing kswap 3inch silicone intake ( in decent condition) asking $90 shipped-----SOLD * Competition Clutch ultra Lightweight flywheel (only used for 4500 miles) asking $150 ------------SOLD *ktuned billet TPS sensor ( in good working condition) asking $43 shipped SOLD...
  10. honda k24z3 swap ek

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Hi im swapping a k24z3 in to my ek civic just want to do a straight swap would like to know what k series gearbox will mate with the k24z3 as I cant find any info on it,and regarding ecu im having a bit of trouble here since there is no kpro support at the moment only a flash pro with the stock...
  11. The rough road to K-swap CRZ

    All other Honda models K-Series Swap
    So I promised I would compile a list and post the prices on what it took me to K-Swap my vehicle. The numbers are solely taken on what it took me from tear down to start up. There are some gaps that do not involve the swap directly and are inputted out of my own interest. I'd like to...
  12. 1992 civic si K24A2 for sell 8000

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    1992 Honda Civic SI EG Engine K-Swapped EG 2004 K24A2 (TSX) 6 Speed Transmission K-Pro ECU K-Tuned 4-2-1 Headers 3" strait pipe Hasport motor mounts karcepts fuel rail and lines walbro fuel pump Stock RBB intake manifold New lower control arms New rack and pinion New inner and outer tie rods...
  13. FS: NEW OEM HONDA EM2 clutch master cylinder

    Parts for sale
    I HAVE A NEW IN BOX EM2 CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER FOR SALE my paypal is [email protected] asking $ 90 shipped
  14. WTB: Kseries 4.7FD with counter shaft

    Parts Wanted
    hi guys, looking for a 4.7 final drive for a k-series transmission with the corresponding counter shaft. must be in excellent condition. please send pics and prices shipped to 15223. thanks
  15. ***k24 parts for sale***

    Parts for sale
    paypal is [email protected] all prices are without shipping and paypal fees. k24a4 intake manifold. throttle body, lower intake plenum -$65 plus shipping k24 steel oil pan-$35 plus shipping kswap hybirdracing silicone 3" id intake with brackets and bolts -$75 plus shipping
  16. ***post up your kswap custom intake set up***

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    lets see your set up
  17. Wtb: List of eg/dc parts needed for swap

    Parts Wanted
    Im looking for these parts to complete my swap...i am a serious buyer and i have a verified paypal account. Serious sellers only!!! This list is the parts im currently searching for: -SLIM FAN 12" -RAD HOSE INSERT -FUEL PRESS REG & GAUGE -6AN FUEL LINE KIT -EP3 PULLEY OR AC/PS DELETE KIT (HR...
  18. intgera kswap exhaust set up

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    anyone have some pics of their exhaust set up on a kswap integra with ktuned shifter box?
  19. Insane Shaft k swap axles

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    about 6 months ago i bought a set of Insaneshaft kswap axles, they were doing good until two nights ago one of them snapped in half. the vehicle im using it on is a kswapped integra all motor thats making less than 300whp. when i bought the axles from autofair honda it said on the details that...
  20. Integra RSX k-tuned billet shifter install

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Does anyone have a good write up about the K-tuned rsx billet shifter install for a 94-01 dc kswap? any help will be appreciate it. thanks