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  1. J Series V6 Swap Forum
    This pass was on the non LSD Accord transmission, 1.8 60ft IDRC September 4, 2010 full body civic 2350 pounds with driver at the California speedway scale. Special thanks to F&S clutch (323)232-5146, KRIZN Industries (562)325-1630, Highend...
  2. J Series V6 Swap Forum
    KRIZN V6 civic in a 16 car shoot out. LA's fastes vs San diego's fastes, $2200 1st place $1000 2nd place. BTW the title is just an attention getter there were also B series cars, in fact a B series won 1st place but look at what won 2nd place:rolleyes:. All comments are welcome positive or...
1-2 of 2 Results