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  1. General K-series related talk
    Hello I have a k swap mr2 that I’m trying to get running… about 2 weeks ago I started it without a Wideband and a professional base tune just to see it start and it would and just to be on the safe side would only let it run for about 5 sec, got a professional base tune and a wide band hooked it...
  2. Parts for sale
    (sold) "PRB" 02 - 04 RSX type S ECU with Hondata KPro v4 (Bluetooth) with usb PC connector, and analog cable harness. This is the cost of the ECU and the KPro. - Online KPro prices are without the ECU.
  3. ECU and Tuning
    Hey all, In reguards to Kmanager for Kpro, Conrad talks about setting the cam angle to zero on the first two columns on the low cam. Quote from his advanced tuning write-up: “Looking at the low-speed cam angle map, the cam angle in deceleration columns 1 and 2 should be zero or close to zero...
  4. ECU and Tuning
    Hello, I've got an EK swapped k20a3 (SiR version) car with a KMOD vtec killer setup (link). Other mods: Skunk TB Skunk IM Hybrid CAI IACV Blockoff PCV blockoff Header Exhaust All of the standard bolt-ons basically. I'm having trouble with the idle, it wants to stall (RPMs seem too low when...
  5. 1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    So my stock Ej9 ecu “A” cable looks like the following image. I’m installing k-tuned conversion harness and I’m trying to follow the online pinout diagrams for which wires to cut and attach, but none of them match up? I do have the colors i.e green/yellow. Green/orange. Solid blue, but I don’t...
  6. Kpro dash

    That custom dash tho! Windows tablet dash
  7. All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    Does anyone have like a for dummies tutorial or something? From what I've gathered you get your ECU reflashed at a dealer, and then send it to Hondata? Like there is obviously a missing link but I can't find anything I can wrap my head around... did I miss a secret brainwave meeting or something?
  8. Parts Wanted
    I’m actually in search for a lot of parts for my k20a2 build. I have a base rsx and a k20a2 block. I’m going threw a parts list now and kpro is gonna be the hardest to get it seems.
  9. General K-series related talk
    Alright about a year ago I received great help in this forum on my frank rsx. I’m writing this today because I’ve come across another problem. My 04 rsx body is getting junked because of rust, so I’m pulling out my frank and trans and dropping it into a clean 05 body. I’ve realized that my kpro...
  10. ECU and Tuning
    just ordered kpro , will be going into 02 rsx type s, just wanted some advice/tips for a basemap and initial startup with the ecu, this is my first swap any advice would help thanks!
  11. ECU and Tuning
    Hey lady’s and gents, My set up is a: K24a2 Type s pump Rbc manifold Intake & exhaust Ep3 trans Ktuned rail 650 grams injector K20 crank sensor Kpro v4
  12. ECU and Tuning
    Hi all, I am working on a European EP3 with a new Kpro V4 conversion but when it come to tuning on the Dyno, I noticed the A/F data in the display of KManager isn't working and is fixed at 14.7 Luckily I can log the AFR on the Dyno but I would rather have the ECU and software working in this...
  13. ECU and Tuning
    Need help with passing emissions, just a obdII plug and pass. When I went to the test site they plugged in and it was unable to read my Ecu. I'm very new to kpro and can't figure out why it wouldn't read my Ecu. The care] has no cells and still has a good cat. in the category on kpro for...
  14. Wiring and Electronics
    hi thort id ask around if any one knows how to do this as i dont thinks its been done or i just cant find any info or diagrams on it since its going backwards so iv got a pra kpro ecu and im using a prb style conversion harness set up for wide band and iv got a dc5 integra type r engine harness...
  15. Wiring and Electronics
    hi guys just after some insight on this issue i might have i just replaced my c101 male connector off the engine harness repined it as it was and went to pug it in all pins look good but i have a extra pin in my engine harness that my conversion harness does not have i looked it up and its pin...
  16. Parts Wanted
    hi guys im after a hondata kpro for my civic ek k24 swap im runing a k24a3 same as k24a2 if eny one has a kpro willing to sell pm me shipped to Brisbane QLD Australia 4061 :coleman:
  17. Parts Wanted
    Hi im after some kswap drive shafts for my ek with ekk2 mounts allso after a kpro ecu that will run my k24a3 same as tsx engine if you have a engine harness ecu and conversion harness ill take the lot Must be willing to ship to brisbane qld australia 4061 ill cover shipping and paypal fee cheers
  18. Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    hi I've searched high and low for some good vct angles under boost for my vtec killer setup and ive come up dry. 3 posts I read said they go as high as *45 or *50 with no valve interface, one guy said he bent 7 intake valves going above *30? my highest angle ive gone is *25 with no problem but I...
1-18 of 74 Results