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  1. k24z3 wiring/info

    Wiring and Electronics
    hi so I just thort id open a post about the Honda accord euro/ acura tsx k24z3 wiring, for info about the sensors,plugs,pin outs, for a conversion if any one has good input about this please share :wtf:
  2. honda k24z3 swap ecu help

    ECU and Tuning
    hi im swaping a k24z3 in my civic ek hatch and im a bit confused about the ecu can I use the stock ecu for this swap or not any one know what I need?:coleman:
  3. honda k24z3 swap ek

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Hi im swapping a k24z3 in to my ek civic just want to do a straight swap would like to know what k series gearbox will mate with the k24z3 as I cant find any info on it,and regarding ecu im having a bit of trouble here since there is no kpro support at the moment only a flash pro with the stock...
  4. k24 parts

    Parts for sale
    Selling come k parts. Got a k24z3 short block. 58k miles on it. No water pump or pipes. No crank pulley or flywheel. Will update this thread with a pic of the vin plate.will be cleaned up. Asking 500 local pick up. You pay shipping after qoute. Can take apart upon request but will cost 50 to...
  5. K24A2 tsx head on a K24Z3 accord block w/ RSX-S 6 spd transmission

    General K-series related talk
    I'm planning to do a K swap in my crx using a K24A2 tsx head on a K24Z3 accord block. I'm going to use tsx pistons and rod in the K24Z3 block. Plus, a K20A2 oil pump, chains, baffle plate, and chain guides. Looking through some forums, some say there is a hole that need to be blocked off if a...
  6. TSX 09+ camshafts into K24A2 head possible !

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Seems that it's somehow possible to put shorter camshafts from TSX 09+ to K24a2 head. Let's think how it can be done, guys in Russia are doing this ;)