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  1. All other Honda models K-Series Swap
    Hello I’m new to this site, I’m having a issue with my new project RSX-S. I bought it from a guy who had already swapped a k24/k20 with a single turbo after the original motor blew. After getting it home and letting it sit a day, I went to drive it and it started no problem but around 5 minutes...
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi, im currently in the process of planning a k24 into a mk2 ford escort, im looking to do a k24/k20 Frankenstein build on the engine but im unsure on what parts from which engine to use, I will be buying a compete k24a3 motor and a k20a2 ep3 head (complete), what id like to know is what other...
  3. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    What are some upgrades I can make to add some power with out breaking the bank. I was looking into a k20 head but the more and more I read people say that it wont make a noticable difference. Originally thought about doing a turbo install but never messed with one and no one around me messes...
  4. 1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    hey guys, anyone try the mtec shifter spings with the k-tuned rsx billet shifter box? just wonder if it will be worth swapping out the old oem springs with mtec race springs? also don't know if it will be too stiff with the ktuned shiter? thanks for any input
  5. 1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    anyone have some pics of their exhaust set up on a kswap integra with ktuned shifter box?
  6. Parts for sale
    for sale:K-series Ignition coils i have 4 ignition coil packs from a k24a1 in working condition for sale, asking $65 shipped, my paypal is [email protected]
  7. Parts Wanted
    Hey guys, i'm looking for a 70mm throttle body for the rbc mani, looking for one in decent shape with a good price. if you got something please inbox me. thanks
  8. Parts Wanted
    like the title says, send me pics too and a price shipped, my cell 412-478-4417 thanks
  9. Parts for sale
    my paypal is [email protected] -rsx AEM short ram w/ heat shield -$75+shipping -02-04 rsx type s right side steering knuckle-$45+shipping -02-04 rsx type s left side steering knuckle-$45+shipping -rsx 5 speed buddyclub short shifter-$70+shipping -02-04 rsx type s left front wheel speed...
  10. Parts for sale
    up for sale is some parts from my k24/k20 frank build. everything must go. all prices are fair and shipping included, if you disagree with a price make me an offer, if interested or need more pics inbox me. here is my paypal [email protected] *k24a4 , main bearing cap bolts/lower block...
  11. Cars for Sale
    looking for 2002-2006 rsx 5 speed or type s shell within 200 miles of zip 15223 , any color except for red,white,black. body must be in good condition, no major rust or dents. if you have that meets the description above please text me at 412-478-4417 thanks.
  12. Parts Wanted
    need 72mm thorttle body for rbc manifold, blox or skunk2 doesn't matter. if you got one in decent shape and reasonable price text me at 412-478-4417 thanks
  13. Parts Wanted
    hey guys, i'm looking for some parts: Innovative 75a motor mounts for (RSX). if you got it any email me pics and prices. heres my email: [email protected] thanks
  14. Parts for sale
    follow the rules then make a thread.
  15. Cars for Sale
    2003 civic sedan silver car has k24/k20 frankinstine swap, rsx type-s dash, d2 coil over suspention, 5 lug convertion,s2000 rims, ep3 seats front and black ,acura el doors car has ac,ps,pw,pl with remote under the hood: k24a1 block k20a2 head 6 speed type s tranny wiesco 12:5.1 dome pistons...
  16. Parts for sale
    As the title states I have a K24 head for sale that was pulled out of an 05 Accord that had 56k on it. Shoot me offers.
  17. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Sup peoples!! im back. I been away from the game for a minute now, but its time to come back. So im doing some research before i start ordering parts and for injectors i think im gonna go with the oem RDX 410cc. Now, will my K20 engine harness plug to the RDX injectors? Anyway as of now im...
1-17 of 20 Results