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  1. K24a8 Vtec Cams

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    So I'm a noob when it comes to k series motors. I'll be picking up a K24A8 on Saturday to rebuild. From what I understand, the A8 only has vtec on the intake cam and the A2 has vtec on the intake and exhaust cam. Could you use an A2 exhaust cam and rocker arms on the A8 with new valves and...
  2. 2008 Element K24a8 ECU questions

    General K-series related talk
    I have a 2008 Element and I want to swap A/T to manual. I have done a few motor swaps/ tranny swaps but never an Element/ new stuff. 2 questions First, can I swap the tranny in and with rewiring things like neutral safety switch, clutch switch etc and not need a new ECU? If I remember...
  3. Fitting K20a2 Oil Pump on K24a8?

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Goood Evening Just got my K24a8 block back from the machine shop and started to assemble. During assembly I ran into a little problem I did'nt expect, the K20a2oil pump is not a direct fit. There is a raised section on the bottom of the girdle that prevents the pump from sittting...
  4. Help: will the k24a4 intake manifold work with the k24a8 head?

    General K-series related talk
    Just as my title states, I need to know whether or not they will be compatible, ie all the ports match, no blockage of flow, etc... I have been searching online but found nothing. I don't have any head gaskets from each so that I could compare... I have both the a4 and a8 heads but the a4 is...
  5. WTB 06+ tsx intake manifold

    Parts Wanted
    Edit: Thanks everyone who offered, I got one. Looking for a 2006 TSX Intake Manifold - 17110-RBB-A00. For convenience sake, will also buy the following if you have them: TSX Bracket - 17132-RAC-U00 Accord Throttle Body Gasket – 16176-RTA-004 2003 Accord rubber sealing cap – 90634-PA0-000 Hit...
  6. WTB K24 block

    Parts Wanted
    im looking for a k24 block, preferably looking for just block and crank in good condition, but will take complete short block, i live in cali 91352 so send me price including shipping to that zip... Thanks