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  1. For Sale K24a1 head ppa

    Parts for sale
    Up for sale is a K24a1 head. The head has never been messed with. never been milled or ported. Asking $200 plus shipping or local pick up in Ohio
    $200 USD
  2. General K-series related talk
    I have been planning a budget minded k24a1 build for my sw20 mr2 and was wondering if TSX cams could fit. I plan to replace the valve train, however keep the valve lengths stock. Heres the valve train links: Ferrea valves: Ferrea 6000 High Performance Intake Valves K20-K24 Supertech Springs and...
  3. Honda Fit / Prelude / Accord K-series Swap
    I’m a little confused on which kit to get from kpower industries I just want a basic kit that will allow me to hook everything up properly to my oem 5 speed Although I plan on rebuilding the engine besides just the kit I don’t plan to hook up any type of boost mods just yet except aftermarket...
  4. All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    I have found myself a k20a2 from an Acura RSX and in trying to swap the head onto my k24a1 block. Anyone have any advice/comments on how to go about doing this. What will I need to upgrade.
  5. Engine Building
    Hi my name is Joey I'm new to this website but I'm glad I found it, I have a 2005 Honda CRV and I am looking to upgrade the engine and stick a turbo in eventually. I was wondering if anyone had advice on what would be the best way to go about upgrading the engine and if there's anything I need...
  6. All other Honda models K-Series Swap
    Does anyone have any specific numbers on what a stock CR-V can handle (both the FWD and AWD systems) in terms of power and torque? I'm planning on doing a frank build and don't wanna bust my diff after all that glorious head swapping :LOL:
  7. ECU and Tuning
    So I'm aware that the CR-V is not the platform most people build on for obvious reasons, but it has a badass table so it's my platform of choice. A catback system is about 400, headers are also 400 (same company too, limited aftermarket) and a CAI is your typical 100 (although I've considered...
  8. ECU and Tuning
    hello team, I have an 05 tsx, 6spd MT with k tuner. I was really hoping someone here could help me get a tune to get my car running. im willing to pay the price. ive recently paid a website called e-tunerz $249. 2 weeks ago and ive received nothing I have reached out to local sources and...
  9. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Goood Evening Just got my K24a8 block back from the machine shop and started to assemble. During assembly I ran into a little problem I did'nt expect, the K20a2oil pump is not a direct fit. There is a raised section on the bottom of the girdle that prevents the pump from sittting...
  10. All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    Hey people's, Thought I would slowly share what i have been up to the last 6 months, even though I'm on a limited budget, I started with one of these! now if you havent seen one before they are AWD and D series, powered by the mighty D16W1 engine i decided to pop to the local auction...
  11. Wiring and Electronics
    For any of you with IMRC woes (or those who just want to run a different IM w/o k-pro) you may find the following helpful. Over the past year (12,000 miles) I've been running an IRMC Delete/bypass circuit (simple relay switched voltage divider) that I created since it was cheaper then fixing...
  12. Parts for sale
    Hello, Up for sale are a set of pistons and con-rods with bolts that I pulled from a CRV Engine with about 110,000 miles on it. The pistons are in very good condition. There is no discoloration from heat damage and they are coming from an engine that seems to have been well maintained. The...
  13. Parts for sale
    k24a1 Head ~100k miles Pulled from a wrecked CRV Some carbon buildup on valves but will clean up nice Cam/rocker assembly Currently disassembled but all the parts are there Includes cams, TB, and intake mani 150$ shipped! k24a1 rods and pistons 100$ shipped! K20a2 OEM cams, no cam...
  14. Motors / Swaps for sale
    FS: $1100 - K24 Frank long block, Will part, Will Ship! EVERYTHING SOLD, Please close!
  15. Parts Wanted
    Im interested in a k24a1 block with gridle or a k24a2 w/ gridle. Hit me up.
1-16 of 39 Results