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  1. WTB RSX Transmission

    Parts Wanted
    i need a RSX 5 speed transmission 2002-2004, im located in CA
  2. WTB: K24a2 Block

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    Like the title states I'd like to buy a k24a2 block, preferably bare. I live in Richmond, Virginia- zip is 23059
  3. WTB RSX 5 Speed Tranny

    Parts Wanted
    WTB RSX 5 speed Tranny, prefer local pickup. im located in CA. Cash on hand
  4. Sportcar motion Time Attack EG KRAFTWERKS SC!!

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Did anyone else find this? freaking badass!!! looking forward to results.
  5. 6 Speed Type S Transmission $800 & RC 1000cc Injectors

    Parts for sale
  6. Sportcar Motion EG Gets KraftWerks Power!

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    The Sportcar Motion Time Attack EG is getting Rotrexed! The already dominant Time Attack FF class EG is getting cranked up a notch by making the leap to using a KraftWerks K-Race Supercharger kit on its K24 race engine. In preparation for the 2009 Redline Time Attack series, as well as the...
  7. WTB 4.0 Final Drive for the RSX 5 Speed

    Parts Wanted
    like the title says, if anybody has a used 4.0 final drive or new for a cheap price for the 5 speed tranny let me know. or if you have the 5 speed transmission with a 4.0 final drive you want to sell hit me up. thanks
  8. WTB: JDM Black Housing Headlights

    Parts Wanted
    wanting to buy some black housing head lights for my 92-95 hatchback they look like this, im located in central california
  9. Sat March 28th CVR BBQ Meet

    United States of America
    Sat March 28th CVR BBQ Meet Ripon, CA If your coming from the North. You will take the same directions, just going South instead of North. Tons of Parking, they got BBQ Area, Big Water Fountain. Great for photo shoots and everything!! Be shure to wash your rides and have them ready for pics...
  10. A3 Springs, Ret, Keepers 40 Shipped

    Parts for sale
    I have A3 Springs Retainers and Keepers for Sale 40 Shipped pm if interested
  11. FS RSX-S 6 Speed Transmission & Drivers Side EG/K Axle

    Parts for sale
    k swap axle for the EG chasis SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a driver side k to b axle, made from the k series inner axle and b series outer axle. boots are fine
  12. Tsx oil pump 60 shipped

    Parts for sale
    SOLD! PRICE DROP ive got a tsx oil pump out of an 06 acura TSX less than 6k miles. 50!!! dollars shipped its yours pm me if interested PRICE DROP 50 SHIPPED!!!
  13. RSX or TSX Valves

    Parts Wanted
    Looking to buy some RSX or TSX Valves. my tensioner went out and i bent all mine so im just looking for some new or used valves that are not bent!!! ive got paypal. let me know what you got thanks ---DONT NEED VALVES ANYMORE, HAVE NEW ONES COMING---
  14. FS RC 1000cc inj or trade for 1600cc

    Parts for sale
    I have some 1000cc RC peak and hold injectors that im trying to sell so i can upgrade to the 1600 cc injectors for an E85 tune.. ill sell them for 300 shipped or trade for 1600s pm me if interested
  15. WTB tsx pistons

    Parts Wanted
    like title states, im looking for a clean tsx pistons (rods if the price is right). let me know what you guys have and the price shipped to 93291. if you could include pics, that would be great.
  16. Karcepts Radiator Relocator for EG

    Parts for sale
    35 Bucks shipped its yours. its for 92-95 eg k series swap karcepts radiator relocator. Pm if interested
  17. FS RSX Stock Diff

    Parts for sale
    I have a 2004 Acura RSX
  18. FS TSX Oil Pump

    Parts for sale
    I have a 2006 TSX Oil Pump for sale 50 bucks its yours. under 6 k miles PM me if interested
  19. FS TSX and RSX Parts

    Parts for sale
    RSX type S Cams for 100 TSX Pistons and Rods 150...SOLD TSX Oil Pump for 50 Ep3 Bottom Block 90k miles for 150 (Pistons, Rods, Crank, Clutch Flywheel, complete. etc) CP 87mm 9:1 Compression Great Shape 100...SOLD PM me if interested
  20. K24a4 Long Block 4/s

    Parts for sale
    Im selling my k24a4 Motor complete with starter but without alternator. 700. neg.