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  1. Whats the fastest K swap stock

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Im looking to swap my 92 si hatch it will be stock for a while (the k swap) whats the fastest or most given power from a stock k? k24a2? thanks in advance
  2. Fs:// 05 tsx 6-speed part-out in nj (exit 74 on gsp)

    Parts for sale
    I'm parting out my 05 NHBP 6-speed TSX. Interior is really clean 9/10. Don't be shy make an offer. I prefer paypal (for shipped parts ) or cash ( for local pickup ). Email me at [email protected] Thanks. Updated price list -- 10/26/15 Interior- Dashboard – Torn from passenger airbag $75...
  3. Accord CL7/TSX

    Pictures Gallery
    Hey guys, heres my euro CL7 transformer with K24 swap and more bla bla bla :D ] Upcoming mods are: Drag Cartel 3.2 Wiseco 12,5:1 Toda heavy chain K20 head Complete Civic EP3 tranny Enough spam :D Hope you enjoy
  4. Help! CRV transmissions problems lost!5 Speed manual!

    K-Series Transmission
    Hey guys, i'm somewhat mechanically inclined, but i want see if anyone else has run into this issue. So the other day i was taking a trip down to Denver on the Highway. Cruising around 60-80, cursing along in 5th gear, i started going up a slight incline, i felt the car kinda of stutter not a...
  5. Header for K24 in FD2

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    Hi all, I have a JDM FD2 with a swapped K24 block. I've been doing some reading and its hard to identify which header fits my setup, outside of a custom header from ASP or Hytech. While I believe that ASP would give the most performance gains, does anyone else have any ideas or experience...
  6. Wtb k swap radiator w/ brackets, cooling system

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for the following parts Uncut rbc manifold and adapter K swap radiator with hoses and brackets Ktuned water housing or tsx housing Lmk with what you got. Must beable to ship to Hawaii. Hmu 808 373 6518
  7. K20 K24 Civic Swap Part Out

    Parts for sale
    With your time off, take some time to read the classified rules. Thanks.
  8. K20z3 Hd, K24a2 Blk, z3 Trans, & Parts

    Motors / Swaps for sale
  9. 2012 Civic SI, K24, 6 Speed Transmission

    Parts for sale
    2012 Civic SI, K24, 6 Speed Transmission Willing to let go for $1500.00 OBO. It has a built in LSD, never seen a track, has never been abuse, has less then 50 miles. Incredible steal!
  10. What is the best transmission to use with a K24/K20 frank turbo setup?

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    This is a question for the guys out there that have a boosted K24/K20.. and anyone that has gone trough this before. I'm building a motor right now, K24A4 (b) / K20A2 (t), most of the focus right now is on the bottom end, going from 87.0mm to bore size, and I'm looking around for pistons...
  11. Used K20A2 Transmission with Quaife LSD and Custom Ratio's
    Used K20A2 Transmission with Quaife LSD and Custom Ratio's Pulled from a parted out Integra Project Car, This transmission is in good ready to use condition. With no grinds, pop outs, or any other abnormalities experienced while installed in the previous car. Great Gearing for your Turbo or...
  12. 1993 Frost White CX Hatch (Racecar)

    Cars for Sale
    $$$SOLD$$$ :coleman: !! *** In-car Gingerman ride-along video available at *** !!
  13. K24 eagle h beam rods 300 firm BNIB

    Parts for sale
    follow the rules make a new thread. Thanks
  14. K series garage sale

    Parts for sale
    Text for quicker response 9739918839 prices are not with shipping Supertech 12.5.1 pistons 87mm 300 eagle h beam rods for k24 350...
  15. k24/k20 frank build

    Engine Building
    hey guys i'm in the process of building a k24a4 block with k20a2 head frank build, this will be all motor street car( daily driver) any help or advise will be appreciated. here's what i'm planning on doing/set up. BLOCK: k24a4 - overbore to 88mm(.040+) -supertech 88mm 12.5.1cr pistons -scat...
  16. Built k20/24 all motor 325hp LOW MILES

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    Im selling my k24 with a k20 type-s head. The motor is fully built, with very low miles (about 350) Motor made 325hp on Q16 There is nothing wrong with this motor, you can come start it right up its in my car still! Dual valve springs, retainers Ported head Drag Cartel stage 4 cams Custom 15:1...
  17. PA:04 taffy white k24a2 6speed ep3

    Cars for Sale
    UPDATE: Needs an inner tie rod, ball joint and raised and realigned. The car is simply put... Too low. Steering has a little play in it, so a inner tie rod will need to be installed (will include both sides, and a ball joint). Also needs tires. all 4 are kinda whooped. Price has been adjusted...
  18. Help this team go Honda! N/A E85 K24

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hello! Pardon the long post! Short background: Been driving VAG-based cars in various offroad competitions for over 5 years now. We have quite a reasonable amount of experience in engine building and tuning, however all of our experience has been with the VW/Audi 4cil platform. The...
  19. Blueprint stage 3 cams for sell

    Parts for sale
    i have for sell blueprint stage 3 cams for a k20 or k24... i made good power on them and i had a stock bottomend (pictures of dyno graph upon request).. cams was installed and tuned at charm city tuning....only asking for 500 obo.... the cams still go for 1200 on there website...
  20. WTB K24 block

    Parts Wanted
    im looking for a k24 block, preferably looking for just block and crank in good condition, but will take complete short block, i live in cali 91352 so send me price including shipping to that zip... Thanks