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  1. hybrid racing questions on k20z4

    K-Series Transmission
    Hello guys, I'm new here and had a few questions about some problems with the hybrid racing no cut shifter box. Any of you have a k20z4 in an ej with the hr no cut shifter and ktuned shifter cables? I'm not sure if they are compatible with each other or that the cables are not for a K20Z. My...
  2. K20Z4 Blown Rod Bearings - Time for an Engine Swap

    General K-series related talk
    Hello there guys and girls, This is my first post here on K20a, and hoping some of you knowledgeable lot can help me out with my predicament. Last week I took my fn2 Type R for a trackday at Silverstone - unfortunately this was cut short after an hours running due to cylinder 1 rod bearing...
  3. K20A2 or K20Z4 which is better........??????

    General K-series related talk
    Hi all, had this elsewhere and not getting any replies, I am going to shoehorn one into a 1991 3G'lude. The wreckers that sold me the K20A2 engine and box swap setup from interstate, must have missed the 2 or 3 in front of the 72,000k's it was supposed to have done, being forced by Mastercard...
  4. K20A2 or K20Z4 which is better........??????

    Honda Fit / Prelude / Accord K-series Swap
    Hi all, the wreckers that sold me the K20A2 engine now wants to make a deal to ensure I keep his engine. It means I will have to pull it down and probably rebuild. Due to what appears to be a high Kilometer engine, it came out of a 2001 ITR and has been sitting for a while as well. It appears to...