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  1. Rough idle and other fun stuff!

    General K-series related talk
    Okay little background info here i just picked up a 2006 Acura csx (k20z2) car has 225k and runs great while driving, but at idle it’s like taking a set of waves in a canoe or like it has a huge cam. It also killed a battery sitting about a week not sure if that’s related. Changed sparked plugs...
  2. Building A K20Z2 Engine Using K20A/A2 Head

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi guys I am currently having a K20Z2 which is similar to the K20A3 engine, which has no VTEC on exhaust. I am currently thinking of 2 things, either upgrade the camshaft alone to Brian Crower K20A3/K24 Stage 2 or upgrade the whole head to K20A/A2 which consists of camshaft, valve springs...