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  1. 94 K20R EG FS in TN

    Cars for Sale
    I have sadly decided to part ways with my K20a eg. My job involves a lot of travel and I just don't have enough time with the car to justify keeping it. This is one of the cleanest swaps you will find. I sadly never got to enjoy this car to it's full potential, so hopefully one of you will. The...
  2. Chinoluis29 Mugen Rhd CTR 5lug K20 Hatch Restoration!!!

    Civic Builds
    hello there everyone well i just want to introduce myself first. My name is Luis B. Loyola I'm 23 years old with a bachelors degree.from CSULA on business admin i own my own business and i own two hondas. I REP HMO ICB STREETLIGHTZ HASBACK ELDS and many others and i appreciate everyone that...