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  1. Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Hi there honda Gurus. Im new to the forums but have been surfing here for a few years now. Im searching for advice, I know the common K series rattle is associated with the vtc actuator. That is the rattle Im struggling to sort. weirdly its just delayed a bit, runs nice and smooth for 3-4...
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    overheating and ichanged everything thermostat radiator fan coolant and water sensor manifold was leaking when only has 3k miles with my whole build .. i build it last year and bearly drove it ..had puffs of white smoke den fixed tht with manifold issue but still overheating my thoughts is...
  3. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I’ve had my 06 Type S for about 3 years and its finally time for me to do my frank build. =D I’ve gotten most of my stuff, just waiting on a couple things here and there. Here’s my parts list K20Z1 OEM Overhauled valvetrain 07 K24A2 bottom end O9 TSX Pistons Manley H Beam Rods(Pending...
  4. Parts for sale
    Title pretty much says it. I have a brand new in the package K20/K24 swap head gasket. I picked it up in a trade, but I won't be using it afterall. Looking to get $80 shipped OBO. Local pickup in the Portland area will also get first dibs.
  5. Drag Racing
    BYP Racing All Motor Drag Car - [email protected] *Australia* Page 2 Update - New PB [email protected] Drag Racing has been slow in Australia for the Honda scene for the past couple of years so we thought we help revive it in the community with the completion of our new drag car in 2012 Its a simple...
  6. Drag Racing
    Thought i share what we have been doing here in Australia Sydney We had a chance to take one of the Time Attack EG Civic to the Street meeting on the Wednesday night at the local drag strip The car is an All Motor K20/K24 set-up built with all OEM internals. The motor and car has seen over 400...
  7. Pictures Gallery
    Hi, This is our humble little K swapped ec8. i believe it's the first ec8 in the UK to under-go this swap. Basic spec: -k20a2 head -k24a3 block -k24 oil pump -Dc5 jdm camshafts -DC Sports header -custom 3" system with stealthy muffler -budget air intake (for now) -RC enginering 550cc...
  8. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a Prc/PRB ecu thanks:cool:S
  9. Parts for sale
    Item: nippon crv k24 pistons and piston rings Price: 125 obo Location: south florida Contact: 7869995584 Item Description: brand new set of crv k24 pistons and pistons rings. call between 11am and 10pm, text any time.
1-9 of 9 Results