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  1. 2000 Civic coupe k swap

    Cars for Sale
    Have you been thinking of k swapping a Civic but don’t know where to start? Well I have the perfect opportunity for you! I will be updating post as I fix minor things on the car. Doing my best to make it as close to daily driving as possible whenever I have the time to work on it. To start off...
  2. K20 Turbo build - 10.000 Euro budget (excluding labour)

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hey Guys, I am the owner of an EP3 Type R. The car has a stock gearbox and stock clutch (car already has big brakes and a wavetrack lsd) I have made a sponsorship deal with a Honda parts company. They have agreed on sponsoring me 10.000 euro worth of parts. I want to have a car with usable...
  3. K24a3 with k20a2 head, frankenstein engine building help

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi, im currently in the process of planning a k24 into a mk2 ford escort, im looking to do a k24/k20 Frankenstein build on the engine but im unsure on what parts from which engine to use, I will be buying a compete k24a3 motor and a k20a2 ep3 head (complete), what id like to know is what other...
  4. 96 DC2 k20a2/ 5 speed si swap fuel setup

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    I want to know about the fuel setup. I want to rid the factory hardline and modify my pump hanger to run all correct braided fuel line and fittings get rid of factory filter as well. I've searched but all I find is basic tuck line kit or off the factory filter any help with this with the number...
  5. The Phoenix's Heart

    All other models (mr2, mini etc)
    The Beginning Hi everyone, I've been lucky enough to find the perfect project car, nestled into a barn in deep Shropshire (rural UK): A Toyota AW11 1988 MR2. Unfortunately it needed a lot of restoration, but with a determined mind, helpful family, and a healthy bank balance, I pulled it back...
  6. LOOKing FOR: PRB head

    Parts Wanted
    K20a2 or k20z1 head bare or whole. Pm me! Paypal ready!
  7. 97 EX K20A2 Coupe

    Cars for Sale
    PICTURES/VIDEOS ON MY Public FACEBOOK PAGE: Bernie Sanchez located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania (says I work at Burger King lol) 1997 Honda Civic Coupe EX K20A2 swap with 5-Speed Manual Transmission 90k on swap Fresh Paint/Audi Phantom Black...
  8. 97 EX K20A2 Coupe

    Cars for Sale
    1997 Honda Civic Coupe EX K20A2 swap with 5-Speed Manual Transmission Fresh Paint/Audi Phantom Black Dyno Tuned w Hondata/K-Pro 210HP to the wheels No AC or PS K-Tuned Race Shifter K-Tuned Race Shifter Cables K-Tuned Adjustable Pulley Kit Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail and Fuel Line Kit K-Tuned Race...
  9. Epic header battle: HRmotorsport vs ZOF484

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi K20a folks. Some of you might remember me, Riku from Finland, driving with K20 powered Toyota MR2 in Finnish Rallycross serie. You might have seen my build thread: Thread is missing some of the images which can be found in website gallery...
  10. Wtb: List of eg/dc parts needed for swap

    Parts Wanted
    Im looking for these parts to complete my swap...i am a serious buyer and i have a verified paypal account. Serious sellers only!!! This list is the parts im currently searching for: -SLIM FAN 12" -RAD HOSE INSERT -FUEL PRESS REG & GAUGE -6AN FUEL LINE KIT -EP3 PULLEY OR AC/PS DELETE KIT (HR...
  11. K20a2 wiseco pistons eagle rods

    Parts for sale
    Sold sold sold please delete [/URL [URL=]
  12. stiffer pressure plate w/ cm fx300 kit

    K-Series Transmission
    i have a all motor k24/k20 with a clutch masters fx300 kit, the clutch is ok, it hooks pretty good and no slippage as far as i know. my problem is that the clutch pedal is not very stiff, it feels almost like a stock pedal, thats not a bad thing but i wanted something a little springy. my...
  13. 98' integra JDM HID front k-series

    Cars for Sale
    Sold please DELETE
  14. Wtb: Ported rbc, 70mm tb

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for the stuff above, send pics if possible, thanks
  15. K20A2 or K20Z4 which is better........??????

    General K-series related talk
    Hi all, had this elsewhere and not getting any replies, I am going to shoehorn one into a 1991 3G'lude. The wreckers that sold me the K20A2 engine and box swap setup from interstate, must have missed the 2 or 3 in front of the 72,000k's it was supposed to have done, being forced by Mastercard...
  16. K20A2 or K20Z4 which is better........??????

    Honda Fit / Prelude / Accord K-series Swap
    Hi all, the wreckers that sold me the K20A2 engine now wants to make a deal to ensure I keep his engine. It means I will have to pull it down and probably rebuild. Due to what appears to be a high Kilometer engine, it came out of a 2001 ITR and has been sitting for a while as well. It appears to...
  17. For Sale Only/Florida - 1994 Civic Hatchback DX K20a2/z1 Unfinished Project

    Cars for Sale
    Shell and swap are located in Miami, FL. I have a few additional parts that I can add for an additional cost. Serious inquiries only please. For sale ONLY 94 civic k20 unfinished project 1994 Honda Civic DX shell ONLY missing hood, sold CF hood couple months back - clean title in hand -...
  18. k24,k20a2 part out

    Parts for sale
    up for sale is some parts from my k24/k20 frank build. everything must go. all prices are fair and shipping included, if you disagree with a price make me an offer, if interested or need more pics inbox me. here is my paypal [email protected] *k24a4 , main bearing cap bolts/lower block...
  19. WTB: a2, z1, z3 crankshaft

    Parts Wanted
    Friends z1 spun a rod bearing and am now in search for a new crank. Crank needs to not have been machined previously Thanks
  20. EP3 with K20A2 idling issues

    2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    I have been having issues with my engine since the swap. For a while it was burning through ignition coils like crazy, but that may have been due to the coils being eBay brand. Now it isn't idling very well. After warming up it will do things like dip very low or surge very high when...